Michael Brennand-Wood: Vase Attacks

Exhibition  /  13 Mar 2010  -  14 Apr 2010
Published: 25.02.2010

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(...) an exhibition of new objects by Michael Brennand-Wood which Galerie Ra is presenting first at Munich’s Frame Fair, from 3 – 9 March, and then in Ra itself. (...)

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Michael Brennand-Wood
The collection is a sequel to Michael’s work Boom, Bloom, Bang from 2006, which became the shining icon of Ra’s Radiant exhibition. These works, too, are mostly colourful, dramatic and rhythmic, the effect almost holographic – with detailing which from a distance merges into strongly optical configurations. They appear to explode literally from the wall! Michael Brennand-Wood explores the interaction between vase and floral bouquet. As his series has progressed, the works have become sharper and more disquieting. At first glance, the images appear beautiful, but on closer inspec-tion they reveal references to military insignia, war games and skullhead flowers. There are works symbiotically linked works, others have a dreamlike or fantasy quality. The vases are hybrid constructions made from found, discarded household materials fused with military miscellanea. In the most recent works there is also a place for real flowers and they echo the form of the traditional tulip vase.
In Vase Attacks Michael Brennand-Wood creates a dialogue between the permanent and transitory, between physicality and illusion. 

Paul Derrez