Microbiota by Arnaud Sprimont

Exhibition  /  18 Dec 2016  -  22 Jan 2017
Published: 23.12.2016
Arnaud Sprimont. Brooch: Fig.2, 2016. Resin, pigment, steel.. Arnaud Sprimont
Brooch: Fig.2, 2016
Resin, pigment, steel.
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With this brand new series, Arnaud Sprimont pursuits a little more the questioning on the basis of his creative research. Supported both by a scientific and empirical observation of the cells and patterns of the living, he walks up and down an invisible and frightening universe, where the strong ties that exist between human being and nature reveal themselves. It’s precisely the exploration of this creeping network that’s at the heart of his approach and of his will to define himself, in nature and in harmony with it, as microbiotes living in symbiosis with their host.