Mindscapes by Margit Hart

Exhibition  /  18 Oct 2018  -  09 Nov 2018
Published: 08.10.2018
Margit Hart. Brooch: Mindscapes, 2017. Enamel on steel, acrylic, silver.. 9.9 x 10cm. Photo by: Fritz Maierhofer. Margit Hart
Brooch: Mindscapes, 2017
Enamel on steel, acrylic, silver.
9.9 x 10cm
Photo by: Fritz Maierhofer
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In her current jewelry work from industrial enamel on steel, Margit Hart explores the painterly and almost haptic qualities of enamel. Her imaginations are converted to the spontaneity of the rhythmic brushstroke. Regarding subject matter the “Mindscape”-pieces are connected to other work groups of the past years – like “Horizons“, “Offshore“, “Fil d’Ariane“ or “Shifted Relations“.