Moshe Botser: Deconstruction

Exhibition  /  01 Apr 2009  -  30 Apr 2009
Published: 09.04.2009
Yael Herman Gallery
Moshe Botser. Bracelet: Untitled, 2009. Mixed media. Moshe Botser
Bracelet: Untitled, 2009
Mixed media
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When I went for my daily morning walk, out in the country, I noticed an old and dry persimmon tree. I took a few twigs, and thought about bringing it back to life. After creating a nest-like shape, I casted it with resin inside aluminum foil.

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Moshe Botser
Polymer is the material that represents our era and as a contemporary artist I feel obliged to work with it. Colorful and vibrant, Moshiko's work uniquely combines polymers, silver, and gold to craft skin-friendly pieces inspired by nature, architecture and science. The organic morphs into high tech and the futuristic meshes with antiquity in jewelry which is often whimsical and always surprising. 


Moshiko Botser

2008 Participtes in Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, sponsored by AIDA. | Recieves an invitation to appear in "The Art of Jewelry – Plastic and Resin" published by "Lark books".
2007 Israel Museum, "Heaven & Earth" Israeli jewelry group exhibition
2005 Yael Herman gallery. Solo exhibit
2003 begins working with bronze castings combined with polymers.
2002 Investigates Platonic polyhedrons, and builds an equilateral pentagon (dodecahedron) made of silver and polymer.
1998 Tel Aviv museum "Plastic Times" group exhibition
1995 Old Jaffa, "Kshatot Hayotzrim" gallery. First solo exhibition of his debut jewelry line, a combination of metals and polymers | Begin working with Tel Aviv Museum and Israel Museum shops, Argenta gallery in London, Fritz & Filam in Berlin, Corktown Designs gallery in Toronto.
1992-1995 In-house designer and prototype maker for Caprice, a jewelry firm running in the Israeli stockmarket | Studies glass blowing with Rika, a master glass blower .
1990-1992 Works at Shimon Lindelman, a high class jewelry workshop, crafting gold and diamonds | Trains in traditional North African jewelry crafting.
1988-1989 Studies at the Jewelry Technical Center in Tel Aviv
1988 Valley of Catmandu. First lesson in jewelry crafting from Moon & Sun, a family of silversmiths working for the king of Nepal.