New Horizons

Exhibition  /  01 Apr 2007  -  12 May 2007
Published: 27.04.2007
Galerie Rob Koudijs Room for new jewellery
Rob Koudijs
Sebastian Buescher. Ring: Antartica 1, 2006. Copper, emerald, resin. Sebastian Buescher
Ring: Antartica 1, 2006
Copper, emerald, resin
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Rob Koudijs' new gallery opening.

Exact at Sunday the 1st of April 2007, Rob Koudijs starts his new gallery “Room for new jewellery”.
In proper English, due to the international character.
At which “room” includes both meanings of the word.
The physical and the metaphorical.
In the gallery, borders will be explored and crossed.
Repeatedly and with joy.
With the first exhibition allready as example: “New Horizons”.

Katja Prins. Brooch: Flower, 2007. Silver, plastic. Katja Prins
Brooch: Flower, 2007
Silver, plastic
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Natalya Pinchuk. Brooch: Growth Series 2, 2006. Copper, wool, enamel, plastic, steel. Natalya Pinchuk
Brooch: Growth Series 2, 2006
Copper, wool, enamel, plastic, steel
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Jiro Kamata. Pendant: Sunny, 2006. Silver, plastic. Jiro Kamata
Pendant: Sunny, 2006
Silver, plastic
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Ted Noten. Object: Love Bag, 2004. Acrylic, pearls, gold. Ted Noten
Object: Love Bag, 2004
Acrylic, pearls, gold
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Frédéric Braham. Object: Patch, 2005. Goldleaf, plastic, nickel silver. Frédéric Braham
Object: Patch, 2005
Goldleaf, plastic, nickel silver
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Roos van Soest. Brooch: Sunken City, 2006. Copper, plastic, textile. Roos van Soest
Brooch: Sunken City, 2006
Copper, plastic, textile
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