Not Only Decoration

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2017  /  08 Mar 2017  -  14 Mar 2017
Published: 20.02.2017

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Not Only Decoration (NOD) is a platform for art and design projects which focus on social and environmental issues. We are a collective intelligence, a not for profit organisation of individuals and we utilise our skills as jewellers, artists and makers to create meaningful art and design projects. There are many issues that seem to be falling through the cracks of society and these are the topics we choose to communicate through our work, because we have voices and we know how to use them. So essentially, we at NOD, are a growing community of makers from all over the world that create works that we deem to be: not only decoration and we do this to raise awareness of ethical issues through the jewellery field and beyond.

Artist list

Laura Jack, Stephie Morawetz
Nod believes that Jewelry is more than the decoration for the body. It can show social or religious affiliation, status or even the political opinion. Jewellery communicates about the value/body relationship. At NOD we give jewelry a far greater definition space than its’ current social conception. We promote projects that go beyond the physical shape of a ring, necklace or earring.

We would like to help young jewelry artists by publishing their works and making them internationally and publicly accessible. We also support the development of new collaborations and collectives, as well as an information exchange on a worldwide level.

Not Only Decoration was founded by Stephie Morawetz (from Austria) and Laura Jack (from Australia) this summer. We met in 2014 at the Munich Jewelry Week. There we realized that we have the same goals and so we started together the project Not Only Decoration.

This year we go back to the starting point and there we have the chance to show NOD for the first time. We intend show that jewelry can be more than decoration by showing VIDEO JEWELRY or a JEWELRY VIDEO from different NOD artists from around the world.

So come to our booth no.749 at the Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich (IHM) to see jewelry can be more than decoration and perhaps even sign up as a contibuting member of NOD!
Stephie Morawetz. Video Installation: 1 carat. Category: Jewelry industry. Stephie Morawetz
Video Installation: 1 carat
Category: Jewelry industry
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Rill Greenfeld. Video Installation: Diamond made of ice. Category: Environment.. Rill Greenfeld
Video Installation: Diamond made of ice
Category: Environment.

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Keren Gispan. Katia Rabey. Tamar Paley. Video Installation: document-a-me. Category: Social. Keren Gispan
Katia Rabey
Tamar Paley
Video Installation: document-a-me
Category: Social
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Laura Jack. Video Installation: MikroMakro: A Mountain of Small Deaths. Category: Social, Environment. Laura Jack
Video Installation: MikroMakro: A Mountain of Small Deaths
Category: Social, Environment
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Elisabeth Habig. Video Installation: Signs of time. Category: Social.. Elisabeth Habig
Video Installation: Signs of time
Category: Social.
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