Omaggio a Donatello - Gioielleria Contemporanea

Exhibition  /  08 May 2015  -  26 Jul 2015
Published: 26.05.2015
Oratorio di San Rocco
Mirella Cisotto

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In spring of 2015 the Administration of the City of Padua has organised a major exhibition devoted to the presence of Donatello and his entourage in Padua, with particular attention to the impulse that the Florentine artist gave a number of artists with innovative plastic processing and interpretation in sculpture and jewellery.
Artist list
Baines Robert (AUS), Bastin Nicholas (AUS), Bernabei Roberta (I), Betto Fernando (I), Bloomard Adrean (I), Bodemer Iris (D), Bräuer Antje (D), Caberlon Enrico (I), Canapa Francesca (I), Capdevila Joaquim (E), Cecchetto Giorgio (I), Chotard Cathy (F), Dantas Teresa (P), Davanzo Lucia (I), De Meo Corrado (I), Di Ciaula Francesca (I), Di Meo Elviro & Rossetti Antonio (I), Dittlmann Bettina (D), Dittlmann Bettina & Jank Michael (D), Duprè Elisabetta (I), Duso Fernanda (I), Eismann Beate (D), Florack Ulo (D), Fornari Anna (I), Förster Christiane (D), Franchi Enrico (I), Franchi Fausto Maria (I), Franzin Maria Rosa (I), Fuchi Arata (J), Giacometti Simonetta (I), Grassivaro Lisa (I), Hart Margit (A), Herb Heidemarie (D), Hirv Piret (EST), Hughes Linda (AUS), Ishikawa Mari (D), Kocèa Rudolf (D), Kodrè Helfried (A), Mälk Kadri (EST), Marcangelo Rita (I), Marchetti Stefano (I), Marcolongo Paolo (I), Margus - Villems Eve (EST), Mariani Gigi (I), Mina Jacqueline (UK), Mirai Paola (I), Mocavero Alessia (I), Pavan Francesco (I), Planteijdt Annelies (NL), Polentas Nicole (AUS), Puig Cuyàs Ramon (E), Reveane Piergiuliano (I), Sajet Philip (NL), Scarpitti Chiara (I), Schliwinski Marianne (D), Sicuro Giovanni (I), Siemund Vera (D), Steiner Claudia (A), Trekel Silke (D), Tridenti Fabrizio (I), Uderzo Barbara (I), Vagi Flora (H), Visintin Graziano (I), Vita Alberta (I), Vlahos Anna (GR), Walz Silvia (E)

As one of many initiatives to promote the Padua of Donatello and his entourage in the city, we want to give space to contemporary jewellery by inviting major international artists to participate in the second edition of the Premio Mario Pinton. On this occasion, artists are invited to create a jewel inspired by humanism and the Renaissance, by Donatello, the atmosphere of the time and the culture, the daily life of the Padua of those days.

His interests in perspective confronted Donatello with actual space and allowed him to solve representational problems with the same skill as that devoted to painting. He displayed his skill in the revival of classical subjects with his own take on the expressive aspects of Late Antiquity.

The influence of Donatello is also manifested in the applied arts and especially in jewellery, especially in the relics and jewellery used in worship. These goldsmiths, starting with structures that were still gothic, saw the gradual ascendancy of the new language of the Renaissance. The objects take on a more spatially solid volume, decorations take on a plasticity, which is more realistic, and in the design of each piece, the parts in which human figures appear there are recurrent references to sculpture and painting, but also a common language of references to antiquity in objets d’art, something which had begun to engage the interest of humanists.

We believe that contemporary jewellery is a highly expressive and effective way to express in terms of today philosophies, suggestions and thoughts inspired by the past. Given that our city has for years been committed to promoting and developing contemporary jewellery, we believe it is important to encourage and stimulate the creativity of contemporary jewellery artists from around the world as guardians of experience, knowledge, preparation, and different interpretations within the same artistic area, which is precisely what contemporary jewellery strives for. The proposed theme of the exhibition is to relate this creativity to the works of the great master Donatello and his entourage.

Mirella Cisotto - Head of Department of Culture, Tourism, Museums and Libraries; jury president
David Banzato - Director of Civic Museums of Padua
Luisa Bazzanella - art critic contemporary jewelery and former teacher oh History art
Renzo Pasquale - artist and former teacher Section goldsmith Peter Wild and Metals Institute of Padua Pietro Selvatico
Peter Skubic - artist and professor für Schmuckgestaltung an der Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle 

Equal winners of the 2nd edition of the Mario Pinton International Award:
Margit Hart and Piergiuliano Reveane 

Mentions for merit:
Helfried KodréClaudia Steiner, Giorgio Cecchetto, Anna Vlahos 


Opening: Friday, 08 May 2015, 18.30 h

Open hours: Tuesday-Sunday, public holidays, 9.30 - 12.30, 15.30 - 19.00
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view

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Margit Hart. Brooch: Spazio 1 (Space 1), 2015. Gold, silver. Ø 9.6 cm. Margit Hart
Brooch: Spazio 1 (Space 1), 2015
Gold, silver
Ø 9.6 cm
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Piergiuliano Reveane. Brooch: Untitled, 2015. Gold, niello. 1.5 x 6 x 4.6 cm. Piergiuliano Reveane
Brooch: Untitled, 2015
Gold, niello
1.5 x 6 x 4.6 cm
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Helfried Kodré. Brooch: Zuccone, 2015. Silver, steel. 2.8 x 19 cm. Helfried Kodré
Brooch: Zuccone, 2015
Silver, steel
2.8 x 19 cm
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Claudia Steiner. Brooch: Don@ello_2015, 2015. 925 silver, resin, cellulose, woodsheet, photo, stainless steel. 9 x 12 cm. Photo by: Claudia Steiner. Awarded with a Mention for Merit at Premio Mario Pinton II 2015. Claudia Steiner
Brooch: Don@ello_2015, 2015
925 silver, resin, cellulose, woodsheet, photo, stainless steel
9 x 12 cm
Photo by: Claudia Steiner
Awarded with a Mention for Merit at Premio Mario Pinton II 2015
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Giorgio Cecchetto. Pendant: Convergenza (Convergence), 2015. Bronze, brass. 6 x 3 cm. Giorgio Cecchetto
Pendant: Convergenza (Convergence), 2015
Bronze, brass
6 x 3 cm
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Anna Vlahos. Brooch: Miraculass, 2015. Gold, sterling silver, stainless steel. 2 x 5 x 3.5 cm. Anna Vlahos
Brooch: Miraculass, 2015
Gold, sterling silver, stainless steel
2 x 5 x 3.5 cm
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