Exhibition  /  24 Nov 2018  -  29 Dec 2018
Published: 21.11.2018

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The word parable, from the Greek parabol, consists of a short narrative, characterized by its symbolic and figurative language that aims to transmit a lesson in wisdom imbued with moral content, an important truth, mostly religious. The "Jesus Parables" are an example of this literary genre.

Artist list

Manuel Caldeira, Ana Margarida Carvalho, Sungho Cho, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Inês Esteves, Kiko Gianocca, Unk Kraus, Carolina Quintela, Tereza Seabra, Catarina Silva, Christoph Sträube, Takayoshi Terajima, Julia Walter
On the other hand, the parable is also the name of a geometric shape, defined by a conic section equivalent to a plane curve where the points are equidistant from a fixed point (focus) and from a straight line (directrix).

It is possible that these two interpretations of the same concept can be found, in some way, in contemporary jewellery, both in the accuracy of the construction and planning, and in the conceptual elaboration of symbolic statements that unfold to metaphors and allegories which promote dialogues that aim to arouse the observer as well as the one that wears the jewel.

This is perhaps the greatest conquest of contemporary jewellery over traditional jewellery; the prevalence of the formal and conceptual artistic value, surrounded by emotional and affectionate, political or reactive aspects that break loose both from the utilitarian and adornment value as well as from that which merely determines the commercial value of the wearable materials. This could be the parable in terms of 
jewel, the analogy as object
/ Carolina Quintela, 2018
Kiko Gianocca. Ring: The Elephant on Mars, 2017. Silver, yellow gold 18 ct, pink gold 18ct.. Kiko Gianocca
Ring: The Elephant on Mars, 2017
Silver, yellow gold 18 ct, pink gold 18ct.
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Carolina Quintela. Pendant: Fish Love, 2018. Postcard, window glass, string.. Carolina Quintela
Pendant: Fish Love, 2018
Postcard, window glass, string.
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Tereza Seabra. Pendant: The trip of the soul, 2018. Silver, coral, agates, ammonites.. Tereza Seabra
Pendant: The trip of the soul, 2018
Silver, coral, agates, ammonites.
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Catarina Silva. Necklace: The perfect heart #1, 2018. Tin, aluminium, paint, string.. Catarina Silva
Necklace: The perfect heart #1, 2018
Tin, aluminium, paint, string.
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Takayoshi Terajima. Pendant: Omamori, 2018. Copper, zinc, enamel.. Takayoshi Terajima
Pendant: Omamori, 2018
Copper, zinc, enamel.
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