Past Present Future

Exhibition  /  17 Feb 2024  -  18 May 2024
Published: 06.02.2024
Bury Art Museum
Mark Mcleish Studio, Lynne Speake
Mark Mcleish Studio

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The ambition for the exhibition is to showcase a holistic and identified concern for sustainability within the field of art jewellery. This will be evident with works that demonstrate sustainable action within making and material.

Artist list

Carolina Apolonia, Heather Blake, Elizabth Bone, Elvira Cibotti, Rachael Colley, Bernadotte Daly, Lena Echelle, Luke Hammond, Smith Hampson, Annika Ingelaere, Paula Isola, Victoria King, Ekaterina Korzh, Wiebke Pandikow, Juan Riusech, Brenda Schweder, Lynne Speake, Lucy Spink, Jane Wood
How can jewellery challenge and contribute to the language of sustainability?
What are the conversations about sustainably triggered by the jewels we make?
Where are the questions in our practice about sustainability? And how do they have a connected relationship with the making, methods and materials we use?

3 works will be exhibited from each of the 19 selected Precious members ... one each for the categories Past, Present and Future...