Peter Bauhuis: Jewellery, Vessel, Drawing

Exhibition  /  03 Jun 2007  -  24 Jun 2007
Published: 15.06.2007
Rosemarie Jaeger, Galerie im Kelterhaus
Peter Bauhuis. Ring: Blobringe, 2007. Gold. Peter Bauhuis
Ring: Blobringe, 2007
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Peter Bauhuis shows his work of jewellery, vessels and drawings.

Peter Bauhuis shows his work from the last 8 years, including:

-jewellery (lint pins; euscopes; foam gold; rings; hearts; blob chain; physalia brooches)
-vessels from 1999 – 2004
-drawings, inkjet on tracing paper

“My table is a palimpsest” Peter exclaims, half amused, half embarrassed. It is an excellent metaphor for introducing a text about a creator who constantly seems to alternate between amazement at the everyday, irony and the combination of exactitude and accident.

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