Peter Bauhuis: NEOPHYSALIA

Exhibition  /  14 Feb 2009  -  07 Mar 2009
Published: 16.02.2009

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Peter Bauhuis presents his work Neophysalia with a collection of rings and brooches at gallery Jewelers`Werk.

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Peter Bauhuis
Peter Bauhuis presents works created by the casting process. Casting is a process through which wax models are immersed in plaster, the wax is burned out and molten metal is poured into the resulting cavity. This is a standard process used everywhere in conventional jewellery, but for Bauhuis his intensive and inventive preoccupation with this process has produced results which are magical and innovative.
He understands and exploits the essential nature of the casting process using what industry would call "a mistake" to achieve a delicate organic surface. Bauhuis also uses to his advantage the extraordinary subtlety of colour available through making different gold, silver and copper alloys to produce delicate hues from matt white and pale green yellow to deep autum leaf orange or dark red.