Plastarelles by Sarah Enoch

Exhibition  /  24 Mar 2018  -  04 May 2018
Published: 21.03.2018
Sarah Enoch. Necklace: Vernalis, 2018. Polyethylen, silver. . Photo by: Sarah Enoch. Sarah Enoch
Necklace: Vernalis, 2018
Polyethylen, silver. 
Photo by: Sarah Enoch
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Over the years, while working on thermoplastics like polyethylene (PE), Sarah Enoch developed a unique technique that became the basis for her research into form, colour and composition.

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Sarah Enoch
The artist takes her inspiration from nature: botanic shapes, landscapes and phenomena like twilight and moonlight. Each polyethylene form of Sarah’s new collection of necklaces was made separately. She starts by arranging coloured PE-granules and threads into a kind of mini-collage. By heating and pressing these collages, they merge into separate, very light and flexible forms. Attached to a silver chain, these forms (each piece can consist of about 150 forms) become a beautiful, sumptuous necklace.