Dawn. Platina and Four Galleries exhibiting at the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024

Exhibition  /  28 Jun 2024  -  30 Jun 2024
Published: 18.06.2024
Agnieszka Knap. Brooch: It Is What You See #12, 2020.  Enamel, copper, steel and silver. 6.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm. Photo by: Mats Håkanson. Agnieszka Knap
Brooch: It Is What You See #12, 2020
 Enamel, copper, steel and silver
6.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm
Photo by: Mats Håkanson
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Estimated price: 1300 €

At Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial Platina and Four have brought together a group of 14 artists living and working in Sweden - 14 different voices.

Artist list

Karin Roy Andersson, Sofia Björkman, Klara Brynge, Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson, Hanna Havdell, Jenny Jansson, Staffan Jonsson
, Agnieszka Knap, Tove Knuts, Kajsa Lindberg, Gustaf Lindblom, Annika Petterson
, Tore Svensson, Sanna Wallgren
Platina and Four are the only two contemporary jewelry galleries in Sweden exhibiting Dawn. Platina opened in Stockholm in 1999 and Four in Göteborg 2010. The two galleries present a wide range of artists from all over the world, well-established artists mixed with emerging talents, big colorful expressions, and minimalistic elegant pieces. 

​The Swedish Arts Council sponsors Platina and Four's participation in the Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial.

Open hours:
June 28: 12.00-18.00 h.
June 29: 11.00-18.00 h.
June 30: 11.00-18.00 h.