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Pocket Guide to New Zealand Jewelry

Exhibition  /  13 Jan 2010  -  28 Feb 2010
Published: 08.01.2010
Alan Preston. Pendant: Breastplate, 2006. Gold lip oyster shell, vau, gold. 14,5 cm breastplate, 7,5 cm pendant. Alan Preston
Pendant: Breastplate, 2006
Gold lip oyster shell, vau, gold
14,5 cm breastplate, 7,5 cm pendant
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Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco presents "Pocket Guide to New Zealand Jewellery", a project curated by Damian Skinner. A survey of 16 jewellers, the exhibition seeks to introduce contemporary jewellery from New Zealand to American audiences, creating a history and context for the practice as well as compiling the best work currently being produced in New Zealand.