Porsche Portraits by Michael Furman

Exhibition  /  14 Sep 2018  -  05 Oct 2018
Published: 18.07.2018
Porsche Portraits by Michael Furman.
Patina Gallery
Ivan Barnett, Allison Buchsbaum Barnett
Michael Furman in his studio..
Michael Furman in his studio.

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Santa Fe, N.M. – Michael Furman, world-renowned automobile photographer, will be opening a new exhibition here in Santa Fe on September 14th at Patina Gallery from 5:30-7: 30 pm. His exhibition, Porsche Portraits, features some of the finest Porches in existence. This is Furman’s second exhibition to open in Santa Fe following the first in 2016, Alfa Portraits. Coincidentally, his unique photography has made a home once again at Patina Gallery.

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Michael Furman
Michael Furman is arguably one of the most prominent automobile photographers in the world. You may have seen his work in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2005, when he was commissioned to photograph for an exhibition of Ralph Lauren’s cars, Speed, Style and Beauty. You may have also recognized the name when his exhibition reached The Automobile Hall of Fame or at the Alben B. Dow Museum in Michigan. In 2014, he partnered with writer and photographer, Randy Leffingwell, to create Porsche Unexpected a guide to discovery and collection of Porsches. His work spans a staggering thirty-five years and has redefined the way we interpret automobile photography.
Furman describes his images as portraits, elegant studio photographs that express the historical and aesthetic importance of each car. He succeeds in presenting each one from the perspective of the designers and engineers who created it. Visually communicating their thoughts and motivations, and the socioeconomic context in which they worked.
Furman elaborates by saying, [There are] Limitless possibilities to relate the many facets of automotive experience and inspire the next generation.
The exhibition of Furman’s photographs will take place at Patina on 131 West Palace Avenue. Patina’s Director, Ivan Barnett, paved the way for Furman’s previous 2016 exhibition and has further curated this citywide Porsche event.
To coincide with Furman’s photography, Patina Gallery will also be presenting a highly coveted collection of rare Rolex watches. Todd Tyra, an avid Santa Fe collector of the venerate timepieces, is delighted to join the festivities. Esteemed in both luxury and reliability, these revered brands are staples in mechanical intellect and originality.
Tyra’s admiration for the artistic and influential impact behind the Rolex plus Furman’s respect for the craftsmanship and cultural relevance behind the Porsche make a brilliant partnership for this exhibition.

Rolexes and luxury cars offer people the opportunity to express their style and success in a great variety of ways, while also investing in famed history and quality.
/ Todd Tyra
Just this past October, Paul Newman’s famed Daytona Rolex (Paul Newman’s Paul Newman) sold for a record-breaking $17.8 Million in auction at Phillips, New York. This is a true testament to the admiration people attribute to these trusted brands all over the world. (Wolf, Cam. Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona Just Sold for $17.8 Million. GQ, 27 Oct. 2017)
In conclusion, be prepared to see a curated collection of up to twenty-five of the finest Porches staged on West Palace Avenue to celebrate this occasion. Michael Furman’s Porsche Portraits will be a revving charge to a thrilling summer season.


The Lensic Theater to show Le Mans starring Steve McQueen. September 13th, 4-6pm.
A Porsche preview at the Four Seasons.
Test drive by members of the Porsche Club of America.
Lecture by Furman at the Eldorado Hotel’s unique White Chapel. September 14th, 4-5pm.
1996 Porsche 911 GT1 by Michael Furman..
1996 Porsche 911 GT1 by Michael Furman.

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1961 Porsche 356 GTL Abarth Rear by Michael Furman..
1961 Porsche 356 GTL Abarth Rear by Michael Furman.

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