Precious MicroCosmi

Exhibition  /  29 May 2012  -  01 Jun 2012
Published: 02.05.2012
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Maria Grazia Cicala

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Jewels are microsculptures to wear. Every jewel may represent a universe, a world, a history to tell and to be told.

Artist list

Francesca Gabrielli, Gigi Mariani, Claudio Ranfagni, Luisa Bruni, Chiara Scarpitti, Fernando Betto, Stefania Lucchetta, Orietta Bomè, János Gábor Varga, Agnieszka Kiersztan, Enrico Franchi, Barbara Uderzo
Jewels as microsculptures to wear, with plastic, metal, precious and semi precious stones. MicroCosmi ... because every jewel may represent a universe, a world, a history to tell and to be told, where the artist can go beyond his bounds to test new forms. Emotions .... which emerge slowly.... from the physical contact, from the possession! Jewels thought as small worlds, in which everyone can find a new nuance..unique realities with a story to tell, which  amaze us! Jewels have a magic power ..... they express a vital force, our passion beyond their value.... A jewel can blossom by the ability of  the mind .... by the skill of the hands and by the warm of fire. The daring trends, which have  emerged from the last VicenzaOro Exhibition, encourage us to abandon  tradition for the new proposals of the contemporary jewel, which are in constant evolution. Infact, the creation af a  jewel is not based on any clear models, but it is the result of a continuous research and testing.

The emerging artists in this exhibition are some of the most important in this field. "Their vocation, like their origin, is extremely varied, it is the result of geographical and training differences, but it also shows surprising elements of union, as the reflection on the material and on the volume". (Alba Cappellieri)

As a consequence of that, jewels are the result of suggestions and intuitions .... some of them are more traditional, some others are definitely handicraft, others are the result of designers and goldsmiths work.