Preziosa Young Contemporary Jewellery Retrospective 2014

Exhibition  /  08 May 2014  -  06 Jun 2014
Published: 21.01.2014
Daniel DiCaprio. Brooch: Ripening, 2009. Dyed Lemonwood, 22k Gold, 14k Gold, carved and inlaid. Photography: Daniel DiCaprio. Daniel DiCaprio
Brooch: Ripening, 2009
Dyed Lemonwood, 22k Gold, 14k Gold, carved and inlaid
Photography: Daniel DiCaprio
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Since 2008, PREZIOSA YOUNG has been a competition/exhibition that presents the work of a small group of young artists-goldsmiths, chosen through a rigorous selection process every year. For the 2014, we have organized a retrospective of the “Young” section of PREZIOSA: five artists, between those who have won the selection from 2008 to 2012, have been invited to participate to this exhibition, with their most recent works.