Private Confessions. The Drawings of Jewellery Artists

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2017  /  10 Mar 2017  -  07 May 2017
Published: 28.02.2017
Annamaria Zanella. Drawing: Untitled, 2012. Paper, ink. Photo by: Nikolaus Steglich. Annamaria Zanella
Drawing: Untitled, 2012
Paper, ink
Photo by: Nikolaus Steglich
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For the first time a 'jewellery exhibition' is devoted to drawing, focussing attention on a complex, hitherto underappreciated subject. Thirty-six contemporary jewellery artists from around the world present a selection of drawings accompanying the work on objects. The spectrum ranges from sketches geared to the actual execution of the piece of jewellery to drawings as autonomous artistic manifestations. The panorama of exhibited works extends from minimalist, radically reduced gestures to written confessions to baroque-like narrative opulence and the conflation with decorative sculpture.