Exhibition  /  07 May 2020  -  15 Jun 2020
Published: 27.05.2020
Galleri Sebastian Schildt
Dorota Liszke
Lima Flag.
Lima Flag

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We invited thirty artists to create works inspired by their personal experiences of the current Corona crisis. The result is QUARANTENA - an art exhibition forming a unique testament to these strange times we are all going through.

Artist list

​Tobias Andersson, Tobias Birgersson, Kuki Constantinescu, Anna Forsberg, Ulla Forsell, Mona Fällberg, Castello Hansen, August Happ, Aia Jüdes, Ann Karlholm, Tove Knuts, Caroline Lindholm, Åsa Lockner, Charlotte Mrani, Olle Olls, Åsa Pärson, Ru Runeberg, Helena Sandström, Karlheinz Sauer, Sebastian Schildt, Jin-Sook So, Ulrika Swärd, Pamela Wilson och Ann Wolff
The exhibition will feature brand new works by thirty local and international artists, who have all been inspired by their personal experiences of the current pandemic. QUARANTENA is a contemporary collection of artworks conveying stories of the waiting, longing, worry and pain but also the resilience, gratitude and hope that people are experiencing in the midst of this ongoing crisis.

Illustrating the exhibition; The Signal flag "Lima", also called the "Yellow Jack", which is the International maritime flag for "ship is under quarantine”.

One of our exhibiting artists in QUARANTENA is Danish goldsmith Castello Hansen, who excels at creating impeccable brooches. His brooch is titled "Vanitas" and is in the shape of a pink urn⚱Upon closer inspection, the contours of a skull emerge in the brooch and reminds the viewer of their mortality, Memento mori. There is also a theme of repurposing here, as the brooch is made in reconstituted coral and black oak collected from an actual shipwreck

Jewellery artist Tobias Andersson created a series of 5 rings titled “Red Dots” for our exhibition QUARANTENA. He created the rings during those first confusing weeks of the virus outbreak and the imagery that directly came to his mind was that of skulls and the Coronavirus particle. Andersson is no stranger to creating jewellery with skulls, but this time they are more damaged than ever before – all banged up, bloody, bruised and covered with band-aids. He also created the “Corona-ring” in the form of a metal skull with holes drilled through it, and nails aggressively piercing it. The nails are painted with the alarming red dots that we've all come to recognize as belonging to the little, yet lethal monster virus.

Swedish gold - and silversmith Helena Sandström was inspired by current events to create this piece of art jewellery for our exhibition QUARANTENA. Her necklace is titled “Breathing” and is made in 18k gold and waxed cotton, looped and tied in the form of air bubbles: My day to day routine has not been overly effected by the spread of the pandemic. Life in the Swedish countryside is socially distant even under normal circumstances and working and living in the same building heightens that sensation of cocooning. I have however come to reflect over how close to ourselves we have become. Not just because we are more separated and alone, but also the perspective of others appear to reflect a growing contrast and increasing devision. Our obvious desire to be individuals together clashes with our individual selfishness as we try to do what’s right, we’re all in this together...right? 

Swedish artist Åsa Lockner presents two brooches made from silver: The brooch is a representation of the self and the rays are the impact and dependencies we have on others. That our profession is reliant on a sense of security in our audience is thrown into sharp relief in these days of uncertainty when most are happy with the necessities and concept of luxury is in a state of flux, I miss my outward connections, my context and clients. Getting through Covid19 is dependent on knowing there is something on the other side….

Hallo! Is there anybody out there?

QUARANTENA opens on May 7 and will be on view at the gallery for forty days. Make sure to book a time slot for a private visit of the exhibition:
Tobias Andersson. Ring: Corona-ring, 2020. Metal, paint. From series: Red Dots. Tobias Andersson
Ring: Corona-ring, 2020
Metal, paint
From series: Red Dots
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Castello Hansen. Brooch: Vanitas, 2020. Reconstructed material, stainless steel. Castello Hansen
Brooch: Vanitas, 2020
Reconstructed material, stainless steel
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Åsa Lockner. Brooch: X, 2020. Silver. 12 x 12 x 2 cm. Photo by: Per Myhed. Åsa Lockner
Brooch: X, 2020
12 x 12 x 2 cm
Photo by: Per Myhed
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Helena Sandström. Necklace: Breathing, 2020. 18k gold, waxed cotton rope. Helena Sandström
Necklace: Breathing, 2020
18k gold, waxed cotton rope
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Åsa Lockner. Brooch: O, 2020. Silver. 12 x 12 x 2 cm. Photo by: Per Myhed. Åsa Lockner
Brooch: O, 2020
12 x 12 x 2 cm
Photo by: Per Myhed
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