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ReFashioning Austria

Exhibition  /  09 Dec 2016  -  26 Dec 2016
Published: 06.12.2016
Liu Haisu Art Museum
Claudia Rosa Lukas, Vera Bao, Liu Haisu Art Museum,

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As one the most important projects of Shanghai International Art Festival as well as a major exhibition in Liu Haisu Art Museum during the National Day, the newly-unveiled new museum will welcome the show. China and Austria will join their hands to showcase the development of fashion world in Austria and visitors of the show will feast their eyes for a high-quality and diversified event with a working camp initiated by students from both countries. 
Upon kind invitation of the Liu Haisu Art Museum and on behalf of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, we are presenting ReFashioning Austria in Shanghai. We would like to acknowledge this particular occasion by providing insight into the history and development of current Austrian fashion. Numerous examples of design trends and processes are brought together to form a dialogue, allowing for the broad and varied Austrian fashion landscape to be investigated from different angles: history, contemporary design and visual art, as well as an intercultural exchange project original to this exhibition.
ReFashioning Austria invites the public in Shanghai to experience the contemporary creativity of a very different Austria - through fashion, design, drawings, photography and animation, artists and designers are transcending old borders and writing new stories.

The show will include the following four sections: 
I The review of Austrian classic fashion
II Art works designed by well-known Austrian fashion designers
III The exhibition of the art works made by academia from famous institutions of fashion.
IV The exhibition of the art works inspired by Chinese and Austrian art masterpieces. 

Participating Artists
Arthur Arbesser | AND_i | Awareness & Consciousness | BLESS | Rani Bageria | Pia Bauernberger | Mark Baigent | Sonja Bischur | Susanne Bisovsky | BRANDMAIR | Britta Burger | DMMJK | Michael Dürr | Veronica Dreyer | Petr Dvorak | Benjamin Eichhorn | Georg Eckmayr | Florian Jewelry | Lukas Gansterer | Peter Garmusch | Irina Gavrich | GON | Dimitrije Gojkovic | Hannes Gröblacher | Yasmina Haddad | Susanne Hammer | Isabel Helf | Caroline Heider | HEIRS | Ernst Herold & Marcus Wiesner | Kris Hofmann | Carolin Holzhuber | house of the very island’s ... | Edwina Hörl | Marina Hoermanseder | Lena Hoschek | Bettina Komenda | km/a | Susa Kreuzberger | MARGARET AND HERMIONE | Flora Miranda | Fritz Maierhofer | meshit | miss lillys hats | Natures of Conflict | Inga Nemirovskaia | Agnes Nordenholz | Guenter Parth | Veronica Persché | UTE PLOIER | Inge Prader | Bernd Preiml | Martin Reinhart | rosa mosa | SABINNA | SAGAN Vienna | Stefan Sappert | ELFIE SEMOTAN | Anneliese Schrenk | Sophie Skach | Daliah Spiegel | STEINWIDDER | Udo Titz | Utope | Esther Vörösmarty | Andreas Waldschütz | Tatiana Warenichova | Jork Weismann | Wendy & Jim | Jana Wieland | WienerBlut | Matthias Winkler | CONSUMED by Thomas Zeitlberger | Maria Ziegelböck


Every day during museum opening hours: Austrian Film Showcase
10am - 11.30am : Austrian Short Films 2016 / 2.30pm - 4pm: Tricky Women 2016
10 December, 2.30pm - 4pm: Interactive children’s tour guided by curator Claudia Rosa Lukas
13 December, 2.45pm - 5pm: Austrian Business Circle guided tour and get-together (closed event)
18 December, 2.30pm - 5pm: Workshop by Jasmin Ladenhaufen followed by Daliah’s performance “sculpture in progress”.


Tuesday to Sunday 9am - 5pm


9 December, 2016 from 3pm

Opening Party: 9 December, 2016, 9pm @ Daliah Vienna 
408 Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu), Jing An, Shanghai
HEIRS. Ring: Spike finger tip rings, 2016. Whitegold, diamonds. Photo by: Andreas Waldschütz. HEIRS
Ring: Spike finger tip rings, 2016
Whitegold, diamonds
Photo by: Andreas Waldschütz
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Susanne Hammer. Necklace: Ball chain, 2014. Aluminium anodized. length: 90 cm. Photo by: Susanne Hammer. Susanne Hammer
Necklace: Ball chain, 2014
Aluminium anodized
length: 90 cm
Photo by: Susanne Hammer
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Prader. Photograph: Life Ball, 2016. Print on paper. Re-imagining Gustav Klimt. Prader
Photograph: Life Ball, 2016
Print on paper
Re-imagining Gustav Klimt
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Marina Hoermanseder. Dress: Untitled, 2016. Textiles. Photo by: Andreas G. Waldschuetz. Marina Hoermanseder
Dress: Untitled, 2016
Photo by: Andreas G. Waldschuetz
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Fritz Maierhofer. Ring: Untitled, 2011. Silver, acrylic. 6 x 6.5 x 8 cm. Fritz Maierhofer
Ring: Untitled, 2011
Silver, acrylic
6 x 6.5 x 8 cm
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Fritz Maierhofer. Ring: Untitled, 2011. Silver, acrylic. 6 x 6.5 x 8 cm. Fritz Maierhofer
Ring: Untitled, 2011
Silver, acrylic
6 x 6.5 x 8 cm
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Fritz Maierhofer. Ring: Untitled, 2009. Oxidised silver. 6 x 5.5 x 3 cm. Fritz Maierhofer
Ring: Untitled, 2009
Oxidised silver
6 x 5.5 x 3 cm
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