Reflection: Necklaces. Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry

Exhibition  /  24 Jul 2018  -  08 Aug 2018
Published: 22.07.2018

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A travelling exhibition firstly stops at A CASA, a museum that welcomes all of Brazil and the work that comes out of the hands of its artists.

Artist list

Maria Alves de Lima, Adeguimar Arantes, Chrissie Barban, Simone Belda, Kjeld Boesen, Clarice Borian, Roberta Burchardt, Nathalia Canamary, Livia Canuto, Ivete Cattani, Lux Colombo, Maria Eudóxia Mellão, Duda Gonçalves, Nara Guichon, Polo Joalheiro Caxiuanã, Jamil José Kfouri, Ludmila Korolkovas, Marina Lima, Lidia Lisboa, Mônica Loss, Sandra Manin Frias, Rubens Matuck, Marlon Mercaldi, Ivo Minoni, luçana Mouco, Paula Mourão, Mari Neumann, Marisa Portela, Maíra Rodrigues dos Santos e Carla de Carvalho, Camila Rossi, Diego Saraiva, Elisa Stecca, Nicole Uurbanus, Luisa Velludo, Dirk Vrancken, Luise Weiss
Brazil huge by its very nature, is a country rich in diversity, as within it, there are various Brazils.

From north to south, from east to west, artists express themselves through 
jewelry and exploit as well the richness of natural materials generated by the place of their origin, as well as materials modified after being processed.
In this fourth event, where the A CASA museum hosts works of contemporary 
jewelry, we choose an element that caresses, envelops, entwines, embellishes or challenges NECKLACES.
When it is supported by the human body, the necklace comes alive and enjoys the possibility of getting around spaces, both public and private.
But before leaving on their journey, these jewels will be displayed in A CASA for the appreciation of the public in performances, songs and encounters with the creative artists.

/ Miriam Mirna Korolkovas

As part of the fourth edition of the Joia Contemporânea Brasileira (Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry) program, an initiative by A CASA since 2011, the exhibition aims to cast light on jewelry which promotes a bridge connecting handicraft and design.

During her research, Miriam focused on a universal element of jewelry present in practically every culture, embodying religious, cultural or simply decorative meanings: the necklace.

Whenever worn on the body, regardless of the material it is made of, the necklace comes alive and acquires mobility amidst public and private spaces, says Miriam.

In Reflexão_Colares, the diversity in techniques and materials becomes the focal point.
Dry leaves, metal, stones, weaving, rubber, wood, among others, are materials used in harmony according to the discourse of each artist, as well as the availability of those raw materials in their respective regions.

According to Renata Mellão, director of A CASA, the choice of the necklace as the element to be highlighted in this exhibition corresponds to A CASA´s tradition to generate debates on themes which combine the traditional and the contemporary.
Even in dealing with such a traditional and popular adornment, our intention is to raise issues pertinent to the present and to the future, by means of materials as well as the creativity of each participating artist, she states.
Simone Belda. Necklace: Material Analogy, 2017. Coconut shell, gold leaf.. Simone Belda
Necklace: Material Analogy, 2017
Coconut shell, gold leaf.
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Clarisse Borian. Necklace: Colar que não se cheira, 2018. Gold plated copper, dried leaves.. Clarisse Borian
Necklace: Colar que não se cheira, 2018
Gold plated copper, dried leaves.
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Mônica Loss. Necklace: Maia, 2017. 925 silver, ceramics, cotton fiber.. Mônica Loss
Necklace: Maia, 2017
925 silver, ceramics, cotton fiber.
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Rubens Matuck. Necklace: Remaining Series of Artist Sculpture, 2018. Wood, buriti fiber, brass.. Rubens Matuck
Necklace: Remaining Series of Artist Sculpture, 2018
Wood, buriti fiber, brass.
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Iuçana Mouço. Necklace: Uirá, 2018. Rubber fiber, wood roxinho, 925 silver.. Iuçana Mouço
Necklace: Uirá, 2018
Rubber fiber, wood roxinho, 925 silver.
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Nicole Uurbanos. Necklace: Parade, 2018. 925 Silver, hahnemuhle paper, kite thread.. Nicole Uurbanos
Necklace: Parade, 2018
925 Silver, hahnemuhle paper, kite thread.
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Registration of the Round Table accompanying the exhibition Reflection Colares. Brazilian Contemporary Jewelery.

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Video of the opening of the exposition Reflections Colar. Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry.

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