Reflexion Rings in New York

Exhibition  /  14 Nov 2022  -  20 Nov 2022
Published: 14.11.2022
Ângela Barbour. Ring: Flora 01, 2022. Modular felt construction with laser cutting.. Ângela Barbour
Ring: Flora 01, 2022
Modular felt construction with laser cutting.
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A ring says a lot about its designer, but on the other hand, it means also lots about its user. An endless creation throughout ages, a ring distinguishes completely its user, either male or female, having a strong love tie symbol, showing power, togetherness, authority demonstration, professional status or even a lucky charm. Having a circle shape, a no starting or ending characteristic, a ring symbolizes ETERNITY, therefore used as a pledge alliance. For our exhibition we have invited 36 artists from several Brazilian regions. They will show off freely their variety of ring designs, and will be able to express their art with no limiting guidelines. So, we are delighted to make this exhibition public which highlights the creativity of Brazilian artists.
/ Renata Mellão