Reflexion Rings in New York

Exhibition  /  14 Nov 2022  -  20 Nov 2022
Published: 14.11.2022

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A ring says a lot about its designer, but on the other hand, it means also lots about its user. An endless creation throughout ages, a ring distinguishes completely its user, either male or female, having a strong love tie symbol, showing power, togetherness, authority demonstration, professional status or even a lucky charm. Having a circle shape, a no starting or ending characteristic, a ring symbolizes ETERNITY, therefore used as a pledge alliance. For our exhibition we have invited 36 artists from several Brazilian regions. They will show off freely their variety of ring designs, and will be able to express their art with no limiting guidelines. So, we are delighted to make this exhibition public which highlights the creativity of Brazilian artists.
/ Renata Mellão

Artist list

Raquel Amin, Claudia Avellar, Virgilio Bahde, Ângela Barbour, Ana Bellagamba, Carol Bergocce, Dorine Botana, Ana Calbucci, Catarina Carneiro, Carmen Ciancio, Luciá Consalter, Thais Costa, Claudia Cucchi, Isabela Drummond, Daniela Foresti, Pedro Generoso, Carolina Gomes, Christine Góes, Lucia Higuchi, Sueli Isaka, Esperança Leria, Camila Ligabue, Zete Lundin, Lenina Mariano, Paula Mourão, Salvador Francisco Neto, Mayumi Okuyama, Ana Passos, Taís Pozzato, Fernando Prado, Gislaine Ribeiro, Carol Roz, Lisa Saito, Paula Schnapp, Heráclio Silva, Flávia Vidal, Dirk Vrancken
Would jewelry be a work of art?
THE MUSEUM « A CASA DO OBJETO BRASILEIRO » supports and encourages the jewlery art for more than 10 years. Jewlery art is considered a FINE ARTS segment. JEWLERY is an artistic expression that has existed since the dawn of civilization, from which the archeologists have several records. In this country national artists have dedicated themselves to this plastic expression since the 40’s of the last century.
The CASA has been the only MUSEUM that continuously o_ers its exhibition hub for this artistic area, and, once again, opens its doors to the Jewlery Art. Continuing the REFLECTIONS series, we will hold the exhibition REFLECTIONS_RINGS this year, presenting the new generation of artists that are emerging in the 21st century. Remarkable masters of these new generation will be also present and they will be justly and duly honored on the occasion.
Having said that, we invite you all in order to honor them in this new exhibition. Thus, let’s continue with the dissemination of this artistic expression in Brazil and abroad.
/Miriam Mirna Korolkovas
Inserted in a multiple and unlimited scenario, where we can see the strengthening of ties between the territories of Art and the Jewelry, we can find REFLECTION_RINGS, a jewelry exhibition with a selection of pieces created by more than 30 Brazilian artist-jewelers. Made from distinct materials like plastic, metal, hair, ceramic, rubber, etc. with its potentially in_nite attributes, color, densities and textures, techniques, and transformations, a great variety of rings can be seen, being responsible for translating intimate re_ections of the most diverse natures.
The current exhibition is part of a series of pioneering ones on Contemporary Jewelry in Brazil and its role is to reveal one of the axes of actions linked to the universe of art and
jewelry in our country. Therefore, the virtue of this exhibition is also found in consolidating a scenario formed by initiatives in graduate and undergraduate programs, free courses in schools and jewelry studios, as well as the productions in jewelry made by artist-jewelers since the last century.
The exhibition seeks to explore new perspectives, or rather, new re_ections based on rings. A kind of jewelry sometimes small, but responsible for re_ecting huge dialogues from them.
/ Raquel Amin

Reception: 15th november, 2022, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 pm Saturday and Sunday, 12 pm to 5 pm Tuesdays 11 am to 8:30 pm

Brazilian Contemporary Jewelry
Brazil stands out in this 21st century in the artistic expression of jewelry with the growing number of artists. Our history has reports of artists as early as the 1940s. The present exhibition will have the attendance of 36 artists, each one showing a bit of our trajectory including great educators who had contributed to a generation of young and active artists in the area. This is something remarkable for us.

Ângela Barbour. Ring: Flora 01, 2022. Modular felt construction with laser cutting.. Ângela Barbour
Ring: Flora 01, 2022
Modular felt construction with laser cutting.
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Ana Bellagamba. Ring: Rugir, 2022. Wood, textile.. 5.7 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm. Ana Bellagamba
Ring: Rugir, 2022
Wood, textile.
5.7 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm
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Ana Calbucci. Ring: Mimesis, 2021. Tpu filament, 3D pen, acrylic paint, resin and crochet.. 4 x 4 x 4 cm. Photo by: Ana Calbucci. From series: Mimesis. Ana Calbucci
Ring: Mimesis, 2021
Tpu filament, 3D pen, acrylic paint, resin and crochet.
4 x 4 x 4 cm
Photo by: Ana Calbucci
From series: Mimesis
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Daniela Foresti. Ring: Hard Work, 2022. Copper.. Daniela Foresti
Ring: Hard Work, 2022
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Lucia Higuchi. Ring: Thru, 2021. Sheep wool felted with soap and water and human hair insert.. Lucia Higuchi
Ring: Thru, 2021
Sheep wool felted with soap and water and human hair insert.
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Lenina Mariano. Ring: Travessia, 2022. 14k casted gold, 950 silver, rock picked up from a beach in Bahia, a branch of a jabuticaba tree.. Lenina Mariano
Ring: Travessia, 2022
14k casted gold, 950 silver, rock picked up from a beach in Bahia, a branch of a jabuticaba tree.
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Taís Pozzato. Ring: Ora‐pro‐nóbis, 2022. Spinning, soldering and gluing of silver, copper, brass and crystal lonite.. Taís Pozzato
Ring: Ora‐pro‐nóbis, 2022
Spinning, soldering and gluing of silver, copper, brass and crystal lonite.
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Gislaine Ribeiro. Ring: Antônimos, 2021. Plastic, graphite, brass, silicone.. Gislaine Ribeiro
Ring: Antônimos, 2021
Plastic, graphite, brass, silicone.
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Paula Schnapp. Ring: Untitled, 2022. 950 reticulated silver.. Paula Schnapp
Ring: Untitled, 2022
950 reticulated silver.
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