Réka Fekete: Balance

Exhibition  /  25 May 2013  -  10 Jul 2013
Published: 09.05.2013
Réka Fekete: Balance.
Galerie Ra
Paul Derrez

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In the Balance collection Réka Fekete explore the connections between each individual component. This creates different spontaneous compositions and creations. Welcome to the opening at Galerie Ra may 25.

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Réka Fekete
During the upcoming period Galerie Ra is showing two exhibitions running concurrently. Under the title Balance Réka Fekete is presenting her new collection of jewellery, while Lam de Wolf’s Zegbaar Zichtbaar (Speakable Visible) features a monumental work, video and booklet by the artist.

‘In the Balance collection I draw with the material and explore connections: I look at how each individual component can be coupled to the next link. This creates different spontaneous compositions and creations mainly in steel and coloured wood which are linked together by silver rivets. The components can be juxtaposed with each other in different ways, thereby finding a new sense of balance. This dynamic adds character to the pieces, just like the bright colours and the irregular organic forms do. To touch and explore the various possibilities of movement is to engage in contact, a form of introduction between the onlooker and the jewellery, in order to be fellow companions ultimately.’

- Réka Fekete