Exhibition  /  OffJoya2020  /  17 Sep 2020  -  31 Oct 2020
Published: 02.09.2020

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Juanjo García Martín, Christian Kiseno, Sílvia Serra Albaladejo
The Big Screen
If, before the big screen that is our planet, we not only looked at indiscriminate and unpunished killings, violence, falsehood, lack of empathy, the attack against freedom of movement and expression, indifference in the face of the pain of the "other", the cruelty of money for money, the mistreatment of nature, the emptiness and loneliness of the individual and certain groups, but rather we would get a little closer to all this to explore it, feel it, think about it and relate it ... maybe we could stop normalizing Injustice.

Complaint Jewels
I discovered the link between these three jeweler artists in their group show Indifference. Now, with Resistència Kiseno, Sílvia and Juanjo once again join voices to give a voice to those who do not have it, taking another step in the stimulation of critical thinking and emotion through jewelry. What will be the next step? We look forward to more creative delight; of more matter for the intellect, the soul and the conscience.
/ Marta Tamagit

Wednesday - Friday: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm; 5:30 pm - 8 pm.
Opening: 17th Sept, 7 pm.
Christian Kiseno. Object: Concreto, 2020. Silver, concret, paint, screws, nuts.. Christian Kiseno
Object: Concreto, 2020
Silver, concret, paint, screws, nuts.
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