Revelry by Ralph Bakker

Exhibition  /  12 Sep 2020  -  24 Oct 2020
Published: 05.09.2020
Ralph Bakker. Necklace: Revelry 1, 2020. Gold, silver, enamel.. Photo by: Michael Anhalt. Ralph Bakker
Necklace: Revelry 1, 2020
Gold, silver, enamel.
Photo by: Michael Anhalt
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Frankly, the materials employed by the goldsmith are almost too beautiful… The way they shine, the light reflecting on their surface, the titillating options for numerous alloys. In addition, there is a multitude of ways available to process them, and that is of course also the snag. It is only through time-honoured and laborious crafts that precious metals can be made to blossom.