THE RING - jewel forever

Exhibition  /  09 Sep 2011  -  09 Oct 2011
Published: 08.09.2011

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It can demand attention, be an invitation to play, be filled with tears and secrets - and is to be worn for one day or for ever - THE RING.

Artist list

Ingierd Hanevold, Norway, Lena Bergestad–Jonsson, Sweden, Per Suntum, Denmark, Kim Buck, Denmark, Christer G. Jonsson, Sweden, Peter De Wit, Sweden, Otto Künzli, Germany, Andreas Treykorn Germany, Verena Siber- Fuchs, Swizerland, Margareth Sandström, Sweden, Karin Johansson, Sweden, Sigurd Bronger, Norway, Esther Knobel, Israel, Tore Svensson, Sweden, Anette Kraen, Denmark, Beppe Kessler, Netherlands, Mona Wallström, Sweden, Ari Turunen, Finland, Synnøve Korssjøen, Norway, Konrad Mehus, Norway, Onno Boekhoudt Netherlands, Ulrika Swärd, Sweden, Rian de Jong, Netherlands, Christoph Zellweger, Switzerland, Helena Lehtinen, Finland, Helena Sandström, Sweden, Jamie Bennett, USA, Lotta Åström, Sweden, Karen Ihle/ Jens Eliasen, Denmark, Johanna Dahm, Switzerland, Petra Schou, Sweden, Adam Paxon, Scotland, Bruce Metcalf, USA, Eva Dora Lamm, Denmark, Ruudt Peters, Netherlands, Barbara Paganin, Italy, Kasia Gasparski, Denmark, Annelies Planteydt, Netherlands, Kadri Mälk, Estonia, Lena Olson, Sweden, Tarja Tuppanen, Finland, Manuel Vilhena, Portugal, Castello Hansen, Denmark/Sweden, Gijs Bakker, Netherlands, Cecilia Johansson, Sweden, Gunilla Grahn, Sweden, Vera Siemund, Germany, Karl Fritsch, Germany, Nel Linssen, Netherlands, Margaret West, Australia, Lars Sture, Norway, Kerstin Ringedal, Sweden, Fabrice Schaefer, Switzerland, Lucy Sarneel, Netherlands, Elise-Ann Hochlin, Norway, Georg Dobler, Germany, Katja Prins, Netherlands, Ramon Puig Cuyás, Spain, Xavier Monclús, Spain, Mah Rana, England, Peter Bauhuis, Germany, Silke Trekel, Germany, Terhi Tolvanen Finland/Netherlands, Svenja John Germany, Jivan Astflack England, Anna Unsgaard Sweden, Charlotte Sinding Sweden Sonia Morel, Switzerland, Pia Aleborg, Sweden, Marc Monzó, Spain, Andi Gut Switzerland, Anna Martinsson Sweden, Ulrich Reithofer Austria/Netherlands, Peter Hoogeboom Netherlands, Mari Ishikawa Japan/Germany, Annika Åkerfelt Sweden, Karin Seufert Germany, Peter Scubic Austria,   Lina Petersson, Sweden/England, Sara Borgegård, Sweden, Erik Kuiper, Netherlands, Ineke Heerkens, Netherlands, Bettina Speckner, Germany, Sebastian Buescher, England/Tyskland, Warwick Freeman, New Zealand, Iris Neuwenburg Netherlands, Jiro Kamata, Germany/Japan, Anne-Marie Bernhardt, Sweden, Hanna Hedman Sweden, Lin Cheung England, Bas Bouman Netherlands, Birgit Laken Netherlands, Norman Weber, Germany, Gemma Draper, Spain, Kristi Paap, Estonia, Alexander Blank, Germany, Klara Brynge, Sweden, Mia Maljojoki, Finland/Germany,   Jenny Klemming Sweden, Jantje Fleischhut, Netherlands, Mikiko Minewaki, Japan, Carolina Claesson Sweden, Linda Marie Karlsson Sweden, Maria Ylander Sweden, Åsa Christensson Sweden
THE RING - the most common piece of jewellery can be full of meaning, a personal statement sometimes showing itself as a technical miracle or purely decorative and beautiful. It can demand attention, be an invitation to play, be filled with tears and secrets - and is to be worn for one day or for ever.

In homage to the ring Galleri Hnoss has invited all the jewellery artists exhibited in the gallery since the start in 1997 to produce one ring each. The result is now to be seen in the exhibition THE RING - jewel forever. The show consisting of over one hundred rings is a vibrant collection of different expressions, thoughts and forms.


Opening: Friday 9/9 at 18:00

Opening hours:
Wednesday-Thursday 12:00-17:00
Friday-Sunday 12:00-16:00

In connection with the exhibition on September 9 we are also arranging a seminar; The Ring - jewel forever. The theme is the ring seen from different perspectives. We are very proud to announce the speakers: Anna Schetelich from Galerie Oona, Germany, Professor Otto Kunzli, Germany, and Manuel Vilhena, jewellery artist from Portugal. Moderator is Love Jönsson, crafts critic and guest lecturer at HDK, University of Gothenburg. The seminar is a collaboration between Galleri Hnoss and the Department of Jewellery Art at HDK, with support from Gothenburg Crafts Association, Estrid Ericsson's Foundation, Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Fund, and the family Wikanders Foundation.
With the exhibition The ring- jewel forever Galleri Hnoss will also manifest that our activities will change from now on. After this event we will leave our physical gallery and work in other ways in the future.
Onno Boekhoudt. Ring: Untitled. Mixed media. Onno, BoekhoudtRingMixed media. Onno Boekhoudt
Ring: Untitled
Mixed media

Onno, Boekhoudt
Mixed media

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Birgit Laken. Ring: Wing-Ring, 2011. Oxidized silver. Birgit Laken
Ring: Wing-Ring, 2011
Oxidized silver
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Helena Lehtinen. Ring: RINGRING, 2011. Mixed media. Helena Lehtinen
Ring: RINGRING, 2011
Mixed media
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Annelies Planteydt. Ring: Beautiful city-red colorful crystal, 2011. Gold, titanium, pigments. Annelies Planteydt
Ring: Beautiful city-red colorful crystal, 2011
Gold, titanium, pigments
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Lena Olson. Ring: Flower, 2011. Ebony. Lena Olson
Ring: Flower, 2011
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Ineke Heerkens. Ring: Growth bustle, 2011. Polyethyleen. Ineke Heerkens
Ring: Growth bustle, 2011
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