Rings by Karl Fritsch

Exhibition  /  01 Oct 2016  -  30 Oct 2016
Published: 04.10.2016

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For the past four years, Chang Chang Gallery celebrated it's anniversary with it's members by holding lectures and exhibitions. Through introducing the wearable art piece and the passion behind each artist, we try to present how contemporary jewelry can be interesting. This year, to be keep us up to date with the contemporary artists around the world, we invite Karl Fritsch to share his story. 

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Karl Fritsch
Jewellery is also very personal. You wear it on your body, and it needs to be open to that wearer to bring in this idea and their personality. I put them all on and they work as rings, and I like them as that, but the same ring might look really good on one person and not so good on another... Jewellery needs a partner. Jewellery defines it's wearer. When it really works, it's the moment when you go, "Wow". The ring and the person both look better together.
Let's recap again. / Karl Fritsch 

About Chang Chang Gallery
We believe contemporary jewellery are not just for decoration, but art pieces to represent an expression to life's attitude, highlighting one's personality and a platform to display the aesthetic of diverse cultures. 
One can commemorate, collect and have dialogue with the object. 
Through these works, immense innovation is portrayed from redefining the possibility of "precious materials", a unique approach for the contemporary jewellery field. 

We also have collections of important European Jewellery exhibition catalogs and books for anyone who wishes to learn more about the development of contemporary jewellery design. Through European's renowned artisanship, we hope it will bring new inspiration.



Lecture by Karl Fritsch, 30th of September