Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. MA Degree Show 2023

Exhibition  /  NewTalentsByKlimt02  /  20 Jun 2023  -  27 Jun 2023
Published: 10.11.2023

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The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp's urge to adorn, in which jewels and objects are the most important means of identification and expression, is both universal and timeless. Jewels and wearable objects tell a story about the status and style, mentality, character and culture of the person using them. At the same time, they are a witness to social, cultural and technological developments. That's why jewellery design is such an exciting and versatile profession that, although based on a rich tradition of craftsmanship, is constantly changing.

Artist list

Chanyoung Chan, Yuxi Lu, Gabrielé Slekyté, Kexin Zhang
The focus is on the personal development of the talent and creativity of each student through research, concept development and self-reflection. In addition, attention is paid to the technical skills and practical insight needed for the craft. Technology and know-how of materials, gemmology, history of jewellery and 3D computer drawing, make this course an exciting voyage of discovery, where curiosity and imagination are continuously stimulated through the subject of jewellery.

Master students in Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp exhibited their work in June in Antwerp. The department facilitates to work in a variety of materials including precious metals, synthetics, wood and textiles. We invite guest lecturers, provide workshops and arrange visits to symposiums and exhibitions across Europe to cultivate a sound understanding of the broad spectrum of jewellery design in a contemporary world.