By Royal Appointment

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2016  /  25 Feb 2016  -  28 Feb 2016
Published: 19.02.2016
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Sylvia Katzwinkel

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London based Dialogue Collective presents a very royal installation showcasing jewellery inspired by the Tower of London’s Crown Jewels.

Artist list

Petra Bishai, Isabelle Busnel, Velvet Hart, Victoria King, Maarit Liukkonen, Darja Nikitina, Natsuki Sawai, Rachel Terry, Maud Traon, Sorcha Wharf, Anet Wrobel
Dialogue Collective requests the pleasure of your company in the unveiling of our latest exhibition of jewellery for the Queen.  You are cordially invited to step into the royal wardrobe and pay homage to the Queen’s favourite jewellery in Her Majesty’s boudoir.  Select a crown of your choice and get dressed to impress!

The Dialogue Collective are a group of makers whose remit is: to discuss; explore and develop new approaches to design; fabricating; curating and showing jewellery and silversmithing as a collaborative process.  They constantly produce and show beautiful work in thought provoking environments.
The London based collective have a connection to The Cass, and mirrors the diverse make up of the capital with makers originally from Australia, Finland, Estonia, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Bahrain, Japan and Britain. The energy within the Collective and at the events they create is partly due to the Collective’s balance of undergraduates with their fearlessness and positive naivety alongside established makers who bring their experience and knowledge. As the Dialogue Collective grows, the interests and focus of its members also advances and diversifies leading to splinter projects focusing on: commercialism; craft; art and drawing.
The Collective’s current show ‘By Royal Appointment’ came from a dialogue between the group and Swiss artist Christoph Zellweger. 

Opening: 25.02 Thursday: from 17.00 to 20.00.