Ruimte / Space by Beppe Kessler

Exhibition  /  28 Feb 2015  -  11 Apr 2015
Published: 23.02.2015
Beppe Kessler. Brooch: Big Network, 2014. Brass, wood, acrylic fiber, drawing. Part of: Private Collection. Beppe Kessler
Brooch: Big Network, 2014
Brass, wood, acrylic fiber, drawing
Part of: Private Collection
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Capturing the space is the background idea on Kessler's recent jewellery peces. All this space is to Kessler in no way synonymous with desolate sulek-burcu-emptiness-2015; her Netwerk (network) pieces makes that cristal clear. The drawn structures that are visible, explicitly refer to connections between people, be it in person, or through the contemporary social media.