The Sacred and The Profane

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2019  /  14 Mar 2019  -  17 Mar 2019
Published: 10.03.2019

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The Sacred & The Profane. A group exhibition on the ambiguity of rituals and objects. Jewellery, Object, Performance and The Schmucktransformator. Curated by ZLR Betriebsimperium.

Artist list

Hilde Dramstad, Bruna Hauert, Alexandra Hopp, Ria Lins, Camilla Luihn, Margarita Malliri, Ludwig Menzel, Andreas Ohrenschall, Loukia Richards, Linda Savineau, Bettina Ulitzka, Anna Watson, Christoph Ziegler, Daniel von Weinberger
Art has always been connected to magic and mysteries. The sacred, mythology and religion have been the source which art canalized into magic symbols, practices and rituals - suggesting solace for existential agony and aspiring collectivities to bond, dare, create, flourish.

In archaic times, religion, cult and rite were experienced as a fundament of social life. Movements, ornaments, words and objects outlined the sacred and the profane. For thousands of years, both sides of life had been inextricably linked to each other.
The exhibition The Sacred & The Profane focuses on the - aesthetical, cultural and political - relation between ritual, religion and our contemporary consumption oriented, medialized world.
The beauty of daemons and saints, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, faith and suffering, fall and resurrection, ecstasies and self annihilation, rebirth through recycling, the cult of Kitsch objects, votives for a Godless spirituality, destruction of memories, the Jewellers' hell, religion and hate, emotions and the genesis of symbols are the keywords describing the works presented at The Sacred & The Profane.
The jewellery, objects, installations, performances and poetry celebrate the death of winter and nature's revival in Europe's most tradition conscious metropolis Munich.
To celebrate our fifth show we present in Munich 's Schmuckwoche since 2015 and in order to emphasize the necessity for artists to take initiative and be proactive, we grant three Artist Residencies in Greece to fellow artists who participate in shows during the city's prestigious Schmuckwoche. You can still apply for the ZLR Jewellery Award until 12 March 2019!

The exhibition is funded by the City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture.
Loukia Richards. Pendant: Christ II, 2019. Textile threads, paper, coral, turquoise, silver.. Photo by: Christoph Ziegler. Loukia Richards
Pendant: Christ II, 2019
Textile threads, paper, coral, turquoise, silver.
Photo by: Christoph Ziegler
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Christoph Ziegler. Brooch: Carbon Candy, 2018. Plastic waste, vinyl beads.. Photo by: Christoph Ziegler. Christoph Ziegler
Brooch: Carbon Candy, 2018
Plastic waste, vinyl beads.
Photo by: Christoph Ziegler
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Bruna Hauert. Necklace: Litchimops Guido, 2019. Silver oxidized, peridot, light blue diamonds, sapphires.. Bruna Hauert
Necklace: Litchimops Guido, 2019
Silver oxidized, peridot, light blue diamonds, sapphires.
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