In-School Suspension

Exhibition  /  OnlineOnly  /  16 Nov 2020  -  22 Nov 2020
Published: 16.11.2020

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An exhibition exploring the theme of coming of age, formative years, and discovering your identity. It's a virtual exhibition part of New York City Jewelry Week, 2020.

Artist list

Mary Anne Andreassi​, Jackie Andrews, ​Galen Boone, Lauren Darrouzet, Aleena Derohanian, Jeremy Diamond, Lauren Eckert, Brie Flora, Tatum Gentry, Stefan Gougherty, ​Corrina Goutos, Kalkidan Hoex, Andy Huang, ​Jason J. Thomson​, Kattie Jones, Hannah Kim​, James M. Jencks, Sharon Massey, ​Lee McGirr, Adriane N. Dalton, Wyatt Nestor-Pasicznyk​, Katia Rabey, Phil Renato, Susana Rodriguez Arriaga, Samira Saheli​, Rebecca Schena, Leslie Shershow, Rachel Shimpock​, Georgina Trevino​, Claire Webb, Violet Weiner​, Dongyi Wu
The shrill chirp of sneakers darting across a gymnasium floor that echoes down the hallway. The smell of freshly waxed floors and old books. The harsh clang of a locker slamming shut, punctuating the silence of an afternoon lull. If you went to public school in North America, these sights, sounds, hi and smells, should be all too familiar. They dredge up feelings of nostalgia and angst for a stage in our lives that’s often messy and transformative. This environment transports us to a time when we’re discovering our identity and formulating a belief system.

JV Collective’s studio is located in the former Edward Bok Vocational High School in South Philadelphia which was decommissioned in 2013. Years later the building has taken on a new life as a space for artists, small businesses, non-profits, and the like. But as we walk to our studio each day we pass by the auditorium, long rows of lockers, and empty trophy cases; vestiges of the buildings past life.
In a nod to this loaded locale, we sought out submissions of necklaces and pendants to be suspended and documented in the hallways, lockers, and classrooms of Bok. Each piece in the exhibition explores the theme of coming of age, formative years, and discovering your identity.

The final selection of jewelry includes broad interpretations of this concept and these ideas and were professionally photographed on location to help capture the ambiance of the environment. This reimagined, virtual version of In-School Suspension includes an online exhibition, a printed zine publication, and more exciting surprises!

How to view this Exhibition:
This exhibition is available virtually in conjunction with an in-print publication.
You can view it exclusively through NYCJW and starting on ​November 16th.

Exhibition Catalogue:
The JV Collective is proud to present the​ In-School Suspension​ Exhibition catalog.
This limited-edition publication features the curated exhibition images, artist profiles, curator profiles, and a variety of content submitted by the exhibiting artists and curators.
Available for purchase through starting on ​November 16th. Price: $20 + S&H.

Photo by Linette Kielinski. Works by Rachel Shimpock, Hannah Kim and Rebecca Schena..
Photo by Linette Kielinski. Works by Rachel Shimpock, Hannah Kim and Rebecca Schena.

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