See the Big From the Small. The Closer Gallery in Guangzhou

Exhibition  /  22 Jun 2024  -  25 Jun 2024
Published: 09.07.2024
See the Big From the Small. The Closer Gallery in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou K11 Art Shopping Center
Xiao Liang

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From June 22 to 25, The Closer Gallery left Beijing to present the contemporary jewellery exhibition See the Big From the Small in Guangzhou, southern China. 

Artist list

Mari Iwamoto, Junwon Jung, Hee-ang Kim, Zhipeng Wang, Junjin Wu, Pei Wu, Xiaochuan Zhang
See the Big from the Small, co-curated by The Closer Gallery & K11 Art Mall of Guangzhou, provided a thought-provoking experience. The juxtaposition of tiny scales and massive patterns reinforced the importance of thinking broadly, starting with small.

Organized for the fifth time, this time the gallery was invited by Guangzhou 'Zangjia Society', left Beijing for the first time and landed in Guangzhou in the form of a touring exhibition.

Continuing to uphold the original intention and expectation of 'to the vast and the subtle', they worked together to bring a cross-regional and cross-field 'small' scale contemporary jewelry exhibition to the audience in Guangzhou. This 'breaking the circle' action can bring different harvests and experiences to each other.

The opening reception was the 22nd of June 2024 and the exhibition was held until June 25th at Guangzhou K11 Art Shopping Center L7 Black Card's exclusive VIP club.