Sienna Patti at Collective Design Fair 2016

Exhibition  /  04 May 2016  -  08 May 2016
Published: 03.05.2016
Mallory Weston. Pin: Symbol Pins, 2016. Gold-plated steel.. Mallory Weston
Pin: Symbol Pins, 2016
Gold-plated steel.
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Collective Design engages a diverse range of global voices and expertise to create a compelling discourse on 20th and 21st century design. Active in the creative community throughout the year, Collective Design focuses its shared knowledge during its annual fair in New York City, which showcases the latest in design thinking and innovation.

Artist list

Babetto Giampaolo, Jamie Bennett, Melanie Bilenker, Helen Britton, Lola Brooks, Doug Bucci, Raïssa Bump, Susie Ganch, Lauren Kalman, Daniel Kruger, Julia Maria Künnap, Jaqueline Lillie, Märta Mattsson, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Darcy Miro, Tina Rath, Lucy Sarneel, Biba Schutz, Sondra Sherman, Carina Shoshtary, Bettina Speckner, Lori Talcott, Mallory Weston
The Collective Design fair is a commercial and educational platform featuring thoughtfully selected works from an international roster of established and emerging galleries. The fair has leveraged the city’s energy to become a vital part of New York’s cultural calendar, cultivating a spirit of discovery that appeals to both avid patrons and those new to collecting design. Collective Design is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life. Through its annual fair, Collective Design illuminates both the design process and the diversity of today’s material culture, originating a robust series of conversations and education programs to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build a growing audience for collectible design.

Featuring a preview of JAMIE BENNETT, Lumina and a special presentation by MALLORY WESTON.
Helen Britton. Ring: Untitled, 2013. Silver, canadian black spot diamonds, gold leaf. Helen Britton
Ring: Untitled, 2013
Silver, canadian black spot diamonds, gold leaf
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Biba Schutz. Necklace: Rippling Necklace, 2016. Colored Borosilicate glass, oxidized sterling silver.. Biba Schutz
Necklace: Rippling Necklace, 2016
Colored Borosilicate glass, oxidized sterling silver.
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Daniel Kruger. Brooch: Untitled, 2015. Stones, glass, silver, pigment. Daniel Kruger
Brooch: Untitled, 2015
Stones, glass, silver, pigment
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Lola Brooks. Ring: Heart Ring, 2015. Stainless steel, gold, diamonds. Lola Brooks
Ring: Heart Ring, 2015
Stainless steel, gold, diamonds
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