Sienna Patti at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair 2015

Exhibition  /  01 Dec 2015  -  05 Dec 2015
Published: 26.11.2015
Sienna Patti at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair 2015.
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair
Helen Toomer
Alicia Eggert. Photograph: You Are (on) An Island (New York), 2015. Lenticular print on aluminum. 61 × 91.4 cm. Photo by: Mike Fleming. Editions 1-6 of 6 + 2AP. Alicia Eggert
Photograph: You Are (on) An Island (New York), 2015
Lenticular print on aluminum
61 × 91.4 cm
Photo by: Mike Fleming
Editions 1-6 of 6 + 2AP
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PULSE, held annually in Miami and New York, is the leading US art fair dedicated solely to contemporary art, this year Sienna Patti Gallery represents 4 Artists.

Artist list

Jonathan Anzalone, Alicia Eggert, Lauren Fensterstock, Mike Fleming
About the Artists: 
For Jonathan Anzalone, the dual pursuits of furniture making and artmaking are equal parts of the same creative thought. Material remnants discarded from the wood shop flow seamlessly into Anzalone’s studio artwork, where each object is appreciated and utilized for its inherent formal qualities. The question is not one of functional versus non-functional, but of finding a function for every material piece. What is overlooked and no longer necessary in one context finds new potential in another, liberated by the laws of chance. The joining of offcuts from various origins creates a new whole, a union that is physical, visual, and psychological.

Lauren Fensterstock’s recent work centers on her interest in caves, spanning a sweeping array of human history from the Prehistoric to the metaphoric. Fensterstock has been widely recognized for merging incongruous historical influences as the trademark of her cut paper installations and sculptures. Her recent mixed media assemblages bring together the diverse of forms  of ornamental 18th century shell grottos, the scientific order of a natural history collection, and the the wildly organic geological accretion of natural caves. Wrought in her signature dark hues, she takes the natural and presents it as something strangely unnatural and yet familiar.

Alicia Eggert is an interdisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the relationship betweenlanguage, image and time. Alicia’s work has been exhibited at notable institutions nationally and internationally, including the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing; the Triennale Design Museum in Milan;SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong; the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2012) at theAlbuquerque Museum of Art and History; Cyberfest in St. Petersburg, Russia; Sculpture By the Sea in Sydney, Australia; Artefact Festival in Leuven, Belgium; and throughout the US, UK, Europe and Canada. It has been featured in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Creators Project, and in publications such as Typoholic: Material Types in Design, Foundations of Digital Art and Design with Adobe Creative Cloud, and Elements and Principles of 4D Art & Design. The awards Alicia has received include a Direct Artist Grant from the Harpo Foundation, an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Maine Arts Commission, the Grand Prize in the Dave Bown Projects Competition, a TED2013 Fellowship, and artist residencies at Sculpture Space in New York and the Tides Institute and Museum of Art in Eastport, ME. She has given talks at TED2013 in Long Beach and TEDxDirigo in Maine, and spoken at numerous other conferences and universities around the world. Alicia was an Assistant Professor of Art at Bowdoin College from 2010-2014. She currently lives and works in Denton, Texas, where she is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University of North Texas.

Mike Fleming is an American conceptual artist whose work exaggerates the mundane, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and absurd. His work has been exhibited at festivals and institutions nationally and internationally, including the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, China; the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy; ISEA2012 at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History in New Mexico; Artefact 2012 in Leuven, Belgium; Cyberfest 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia; and Sculpture By the Sea in Sydney, Australia. Fleming received his MFA in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies from Alfred University in 2014 and a BS in Photography from Drexel University in 2003. He currently teaches Sculpture at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

You are (on) an island, 2011-2013.
neon, wood, latex paint, 120 x 120 x 96 inches

Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming‘s piece, You are (on) an island,  is a neon sign whose message is animated by the word “on” flashing on and off at regular intervals, transforming an obvious statement into a reflective and philosophical inquiry. The sign suggests that you as an individual are, like an island, isolated from other human beings in both your body and your mind. However, the word “on,” when it appears, reminds you of your place in the world. The island you find yourself on may be geographical, metaphorical, political, or ideological. By constantly flipping between these two statements, You are (on) an island prods you to think both inside and outside of yourself, inviting you to marvel at the world you inhabit and the role you play in it.
Jonathan Anzalone. Painting: Vestige, 2015. Oil paint on wood, 22K gold leaf, copper leaf. 84.5 x 97.2 x10.2 cm. Jonathan Anzalone
Painting: Vestige, 2015
Oil paint on wood, 22K gold leaf, copper leaf
84.5 x 97.2 x10.2 cm
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Lauren Fensterstock. Object: Grotto 2, 2015. Mixed media, shells.. 208.3 x 88.9 x 58.4 cm. Lauren Fensterstock
Object: Grotto 2, 2015
Mixed media, shells.
208.3 x 88.9 x 58.4 cm
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