Silber-Sommer-Galerie 2013: Zu Tisch

Exhibition  /  06 Mar 2013  -  10 Mar 2013
Published: 31.01.2013
Hiawatha Seiffert. Piece: Untitled, 2012. Mechanical parts, welded, forged, waxed. Hiawatha Seiffert
Piece: Untitled, 2012
Mechanical parts, welded, forged, waxed
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This year, Silber-Sommer-Galerie curated by Alessandra Pizzini presents the exhibition Tableware – Contemporary Positions. Special utensils are used at this “place”, which are at once tools and symbols. Through their presented works, the young designers question everyday gestures and make the rituals and habits around the table something we can see and experience.