Silver Lining

Exhibition  /  12 Jun 2024  -  16 Jun 2024
Published: 05.06.2024
A collection of fragments Foto: Hanna Havdell.
A collection of fragments Foto: Hanna Havdell

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The exhibition is produced by Spacious Copenhagen, a newly started nomadic platform focusing on contemporary jewelry art, corpus objects, and thematic cross-fertilizations with other artistic practices. Silver Lining is presented as a total installation in Galleri Specta, where the boundaries between classic design and modern reflections are explored. Spacious Copenhagen is making a friendly takeover of the gallery space, creating a dynamic dialogue between space, time, and object.

Artist list

Sofia Björkman, Klara Brynge, Kim Buck, David Clarke, Annette Dam, Janne K Hansen, Hanna Havdell, Sarah Hurtikarl, Marie-Louise Kristensen, Anders Ljungberg, Jorge Manilla, Maria Eugenia Muñoz, Else Nicolai Hansen, Markus Pollinger, Hongxia Wang
Silver Lining presents selected works in the fields of jewelry art and hollowware, as well as combinations thereof. The works represent an extended development, unique transformation, or paraphrase of classic design within these genres. Besides their connections to traditional craft and design, the pieces offer reflexive layers and new perspectives on today's society.

Silver Lining features works from 15 Danish and internationally renowned artists, each exploring and challenging norms within the jewelry and hollowware disciplines. The selected works are mainly, but not exclusively, made of silver. The title SILVER LINING refers to the radiant works of the selected artists, pointing towards future possibilities within their field.

The works are presented as an installation, depicting a scene from a past dinner. The gallery appears deserted, with traces of red wine and jewelry left behind, bearing witness to the individuals who attended.

Silver Lining invites the viewer to look beyond the aesthetic and valuable materials, and instead delve into the layers of meaning and symbolism that the artworks represent. This total installation challenges us to reflect on the relationship between art, object, and human, and how jewelry and corpus works function as symbols shaped by their context, time, and social currents

About Spacious Copenhagen
Spacious Copenhagen is a newly launched nomadic exhibition platform focusing on contemporary jewelry art, hollowware, and thematic collaborations with other artistic practices. Currently, Spacious CPH disseminates its projects and artists online and through pop-up exhibitions to both international and local audiences.

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Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, from 5 - 8 pm.

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Wednesday - Friday: 12 - 5:30 pm.
Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 2 pm.