Silver Triennial, 17th International Competition Exhibition

Exhibition  /  14 Apr 2013  -  09 Jun 2013
Published: 13.05.2013
The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus
Peter Bauhuis. Piece: Simultanea, 2013. Silver 800/000, two different alloys. Vessel. Peter Bauhuis
Piece: Simultanea, 2013
Silver 800/000, two different alloys
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With 112 participants from 22 countries, the competition for the 17th Silver Triennial International has again excited worldwide interest. This exhibition highlights a spectacular selection of contemporary works by 63 artists.
This exhibition highlights a spectacular selection contemporary works of primarily handcrafted utensils and objects by internationally active silversmiths and metal designers. Displayed here are around 80 exhibits, some multi-pieced, by 63 artists. Presented since 1965, this event is a cooperative project by the Society for Goldsmiths’ Art and the German Goldsmiths’ House in Hanau and is counted among the most important activities of this kind worldwide.

With 112 participants from 22 countries, the competition for the 17th Silver Triennial International has again excited worldwide interest. Submissions came from Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States. The greatest number came from Germany with 54 silversmiths and metal designers, followed by 18 artists from Asia. As in previous years, this year’s Silver Triennial is enlivened by the diversity of the submitted works, on the one hand, and on the other, by the widely differing technical possibilities offered by metal crafting. Contemporary works made in the past two years represent a rich repertoire of handcrafted utensils, beginning with tea and coffee pots, through large and small dishes, to candleholders, vases, salt and pepper shakers, as well as small accessories for the dining table.-2016-2016


In connection with this year’s Silver Triennial, the Munich artist and goldsmith Peter Bauhuis received the main prize donated by the firm Robbe & Berking for his vessel Simultanea. The Youth Promotion Prizes made possible by the Lions Club of Hanau were awarded to Christoph Weißhaar, Nuremberg (1st prize); Sang Deok Han, Seoul (2nd price); and Young-I Kim, Hildesheim (3rd prize).

Following the presentation in Hanau, the exhibition will go on tour to the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Trondheim (N) (June 22 –  August 28, 2013), Silberwarenmuseum Ott-Pausersche Fabrik in Schwäbisch Gmünd (September 15 – November 10, 2013), Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen (November 22, 2013 –  February 2, 2014), Messe Ambiente in Frankfurt (February 7 – 11, 2014), Messe Inhorgenta in Munich (February 14 – 17, 2014).
Open hours:

Daily except Mondays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Tours can be arranged on request.

A German/English catalog published by Arnoldsche Art Publishers will accompany the exhibition. It is available in the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus for the special price of 25.00 euros.
Luzia Vogt. Spoon: Nicely Gaining Weight, 2011. Silver 925/000. Luzia Vogt
Spoon: Nicely Gaining Weight, 2011
Silver 925/000
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Lasse Baehring. Piece: New York / Marrakesh, 2011. Recycled Sterling silver. Bottles. Lasse Baehring
Piece: New York / Marrakesh, 2011
Recycled Sterling silver
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Christoph Weißhaar. Piece: Untitled, 2012. Silver 925/000. Christoph, WeißhaarPieces: 2012Silver 925/000Sugar bowl with spoon. Christoph Weißhaar
Piece: Untitled, 2012
Silver 925/000

Christoph, Weißhaar
Pieces: 2012
Silver 925/000
Sugar bowl with spoon
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Bruno Sievering Tornow. Piece: Druckgeformtes Trio, 2012. Silver 925/000, diamonds, fine gold. Vessels. Bruno Sievering Tornow
Piece: Druckgeformtes Trio, 2012
Silver 925/000, diamonds, fine gold
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Young Kim. Bowl: Charakterisierte Gefäße, 2013. Silver, enamel. Young Kim
Bowl: Charakterisierte Gefäße, 2013
Silver, enamel
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Hyung-Hee Kim. Piece: Three-legged bottle, 2011. Silver 925/000, Keum-boo. Hyung-Hee Kim
Piece: Three-legged bottle, 2011
Silver 925/000, Keum-boo
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Jan Hebach. Plate: Untitled, 2012. Fine Silver. Jan, HebachPlate: 2012Fine Silver. Jan Hebach
Plate: Untitled, 2012
Fine Silver

Jan, Hebach
Plate: 2012
Fine Silver

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Sang-Deok Han. Object: Livestock, 2012. Nickel silver, silver plated. Sang-Deok Han
Object: Livestock, 2012
Nickel silver, silver plated
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