SMCK On Reel Jewelry Video Festival at Romanian Jewelry Week

Exhibition  /  08 Oct 2022  -  09 Oct 2022
Published: 05.10.2022

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SMCK On Reel is honored to be a special guest of Romanian Jewelry Week 2022. 
SMCK On Reel,  the first international video festival inspired by jewelry and wearable art, presents video works in the context of rapidly changing social and aesthetic values. SMCK On Reel highlights themes such as tradition and future, memory and identity, environmental destruction and material awareness, fear and hope, femininity and feminism, gender, and social conventions.

SMCK On Reel 2022 Honorary guest is Ukraine. Eleven Ukrainian artists tell the story of the spiritual experience of cameo engraving, the omnipresence of destruction and death, the determined resistance, the consolidation of one's own identity, or the ancient rituals to connect with nature.

Public screenings in Bucharest, Leipzig, Vilnius, Kyiv during the month of October build a Chain of Solidarity with our fellow artists in the war zone.
SMCK On Reel is curated by SMCK Magazine.

Karl Fritsch, Sergey Zhernov, Yuri Plekhanov, PÿR, Alma Lion, Olga Butenop, Tieke Scheerlinck, Svyatoslav Nikitenko, Valeria Florescano, Denis Music, Simon Marcus Swale, Orion Ivliev, Fernando Crespo, Diego Saraiva, ZLR Betriebsimperium, Serhii Hranievych, Carolina Melo, Serzahn Bashirov, Martina Dempf, Kristina Ignatova, Eszter Zámori, Lena Yastreb, Camilla Prey, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Tetiana Chorna & Volodymyr Yarmusevych, Grassi Museum, Vadym Mykolaenko, Legnica SILVER Festival, Katia Krutikova, Christoph Ziegler, Loukia Richards.

Screening hours:
Saturday 8 + Sunday 9 October 2020 - from  6.00 to 7.00 P.M.