Solo Exhibition by Babette Boucher

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2019  /  12 Mar 2019  -  17 Mar 2019
Published: 04.03.2019
Bernhard Hanna Wittenbrink
Babette Boucher. Necklace: Oh! but grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!, 2009. Lace, shark teeth.. Babette Boucher
Necklace: Oh! but grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!, 2009
Lace, shark teeth.
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More and more, it is the wild woman in me who expresses herself, drawing on my dark zones, feeding on my forbidden emotions, exploring my limits, flirting with the object, the unspeakable. What fascinates her, revolts me; what disgusts me, seduces her.
/ Babette Boucher

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Babette Boucher
For the annual Jewelry Week in Munich, we will be showing works by Babette Boucher from 12th to 17th March 2019 in our Gallery Wittenbrink in the FünfHöfen.

Babette Boucher was born in 1972 in Orleans, France. After studying stage painting and jewelry in Paris, she graduated in the class of Jewelry and Appliances from Otto Künzli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
Since 2018 she lives in Marrakech, Morocco.

Babette Boucher's work is heavily inspired by folk art. The works combine symbolic references to ancestors or ancestor worship, relics and other sacred objects with materials that come from the artist's everyday life. Ancient customs, beliefs, myths and legends are an important space for their artistic creations, but also fairy tales and the animal kingdom. A wonderful example of her imaginative work is the necklace Oh! but grandmother, what a horrible big mouth you have! Made of lace and shark teeth orSkull, an installation made of goose eggs.
Babette Boucher. Object: Skull, 2013. Goose egg.. Babette Boucher
Object: Skull, 2013
Goose egg.
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Babette Boucher. Necklace: Snake, 2012. Pinecone, nylon cord, shakudo.. Babette Boucher
Necklace: Snake, 2012
Pinecone, nylon cord, shakudo.
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