Spectrum: Christmas group show

Exhibition  /  29 Nov 2014  -  23 Jan 2015
Published: 21.01.2015

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With the approach of the last days of the year, Galeria Reverso presents the last collective show of 2014.  With well-known artists and new promising new creators, Portuguese and foreigners, "Spectrum" shows a common energie and individual dimensions in each piece.

Artist list

Ana Albuquerque, Zwetelina Alexieva, Ana Margarida Carvalho, Ela Bauer, Beate Leonards, Beatriz Horta Correia, Carlos Silva, Castello Hansen, Catarina João, Claudia Hoppe, Claudia Silva, Dulce Ferraz, Filomeno Pereira de Sousa, Floor Mommersteeg, Gabriela Coelho, Helena Johansson Lindell, Herman Hermsen, Joana Taurino, Kaori Juzu, Katrin Amos, Beppe Kessler, Birgit Laken, Laura Rose, Loet Gescher, Madalena Rosalis, Manuel Vilhena, Maria José Oliveira, Maria João Dias, Masako Hamaguchi, Mecky van den Brink, Mirjam Hiller, Marc Monzó, Paula Crespo, Paula Rousseau, Pavel Opocensky, Pedro Calapez, Pedro Portugal, Per Suntum, Lina Peterson, Raquel Soares, Rita Carrega, Nikolay Sardamov, Claude Schmitz, Danni Schwaag, Suzanne Esser, Sylvia Blickman, Telma Simões, Valéria Fazekas, Luzia Vogt, Andrea Wagner, Young-I Kim
Reverso presents in December new works by the gallery artists as well as works by new artists, all of which challenged to work under the Spectrum theme. Together they will participate in this last collective show of 2014, whose title points in a positive way to the importance of working together and of sharing common energies and compromises.

Including works by well-known artists hand in hand with young Portuguese and foreigner creators, Spectrum  pretends to focus on a chromatic dimension not only of the jewel/objects, but eventually also of the creative process and a modus vivendi, more or less national or global, technological or ecological, industrial or manual, collective or individual.


Opening: 29th November, 17h-20h.