Squaring the circle by Giampaolo Babetto and Johannes Nagel

Exhibition  /  02 Jun 2024  -  16 Jun 2024
Published: 21.05.2024

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The task appears to be very modest: a circle, compasses, a ruler, a square of equal area. Formulating the problem is simple, but the attempt to solve it leads into treacherous waters.

Artist list

Giampaolo Babetto, Johannes Nagel
Proof that it is impossible has made this problem a synonym for irreconcilable contradictions.

However, beauty lies in the simple appearance of a complex question. Here art has similarities with mathematics. The reduction of forms and means is abstraction and an engine for ideas.
Clear, unambiguous compositions that gain a greater inner complexity from this simplicity, a mysterious, tranquil depth – this is my first impression of the works of Giampaolo Babetto.
The contrast between our works could hardly be greater in terms of format and expression, yet their genesis is similar in a diametric way: a limitation of means leads to an abundance of ideas and forms, each with its own relationship to the body.

My works are created in very direct manual processes whose effects are pre- sent in the objects. Giampaolo’s objects can be worn, and the body is their point of reference and part of the definition of the object.
I look forward to our encounter in Hochheim.

/ Johannes Nagel, April 2024

Opening: Sunday, June 2, 2024, 11 am to 3 pm.

Speaker: Julie Metzdorf, Munich. 
Giampaolo Babetto and Johannes Nagel will be present.
Timetables: June 2 - June 16, 2024
Open Sat/Sun 11 am – 3 pm, and by appointment.