Strålkastare by Adam Grinovich and Annika Pettersson

Exhibition  /  Stockholm Art Jewellery 2016  /  11 Mar 2016  -  09 Apr 2016
Published: 04.03.2016
Photo: Annika Pettersson.
Photo: Annika Pettersson

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Exhibition part of the Stockholm Art Jewellery Spring 2016, where the Nationalmuseum Stockholm is organizing the main event: Open Space, Mind Maps. Positions in Contemporary Jewellery.

Strålkastare is a concept developed by the artists that expresses a fascination in the spectacle of light.

Artist list

Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson
It ties the two artists work together by presenting two distinct expressions underneath a series of engineered lighting scenarios. Inspiration was drawn from the transformative power of light, how, for example, a nightclub or concert can express power and energy with the simple act of manipulating light and focus. “Strålkastare” consumes the viewer entirely, demanding a full attention to the dynamic expression of light on objects that reveal themselves underneath patterns and sequences of programmed luminescence. The exhibition, in essence, embodies its title and English translation, to throw brilliance and serves to illustrate the sublime elements of each artists work.
Annika Pettersson was born in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1981. She completed her MFA with distinction at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden 2009. Pettersson has participated in numerous group exhibitions on an international scale. She is currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.
Adam Grinovich was born in Lynn Massachusetts, USA in 1981. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a founding member of the experimental jewelry group A5. Adam Grinovich currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
Both of the artists are founding members of the group A5, an artistic collaborative focused on adornment, the body, and jewelry in cultural contexts. Also, they are alongside Charles Mathis, co-founders of the design collective CRITIAL + which is an energetic design initiative with a focus on design ethics, involving young motivated individuals. 

Opening: Friday March 11th from 17:00 to 20:00h
Brunch talk with the artists Saturday March 12 at 11am


Tu-Fr: from 11 to 18h
Sa: from 11 to 15h
Adam Grinovich. Brooch: Tears 1, 2015. Steel, Cubic Zirconia. Photo by: Adam Grinovich. Adam Grinovich
Brooch: Tears 1, 2015
Steel, Cubic Zirconia
Photo by: Adam Grinovich
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