Super Positions by Handshake

Exhibition  /  04 Apr 2018  -  21 Apr 2018
Published: 27.02.2018
Stanley Street Gallery
Merilyn Bailey, Liza Feeney

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HANDSHAKE is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries.

Artist list

Vivien Atkinson, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, D'Agostino Kirstin, Sharon Fitness, Nik Hanton, Jennifer Laracy, Kelly McDonald, Brendon Monson, Sarah Read, Nadine Smith, Caroline Thomas, Raewyn Walsh
In this NZ contemporary jewellery exhibition the Sydney audience can discover how each art practice reacts, answers, or is in dialogue with the title of the 2018 Sydney Biennale ‘SUPERPOSITION: Art of Equilibrium and Engagement’. Current and past HANDSHAKE artists were asked to connect and/or respond with their art practice on the focus of the 2018 Sydney Biennale.

The ability to put objects on our body makes us different to the next person. It is the thing that makes us human, it is the thing that has connected all civilisations since Superposition waves began when one cavewoman found a thing with a hole in it, stuck her finger in it and called it a ring.
/ Sharon Fitness


Friday, 6th of April, 6 pm - 8 pm.


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