Symbiosis: I can live because of you by Q Hisashi Shibata

Exhibition  /  29 Sep 2023  -  15 Oct 2023
Published: 20.09.2023

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Japanese jewellery artist Q Hisashi Shibata presents a collection of ceramic works based on his life theme of symbiosis.

Artist list

Q Hisashi Shibata
Every material that exists has a soul. Living and non-living matter. Shibata's  jewelry pieces sometimes are figurative, sometimes they are abstract geometric forms, sometimes they are everyday human gestures or ordinary everyday nature. The main material is ceramic, but this does not make it easy to control the result. It is like the world of nature. His work is always imbued with a delicate sense of aesthetics and humour.

Shibata's current passion is making ceramic chains. Usually chains are made of metal, but I made mine out of ceramic. I can give the impression of being two things at once: fragile and strong. I want to have fun deceiving people's preconceptions about materials and items based on their assumptions.

Reception with the artist present on Friday September 29th, 17:00-20:00 h.
Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12h-18 h.