Symbols of Faith

Exhibition  /  18 Oct 2008  -  18 Jan 2009
Published: 14.10.2008
Machteld van Joolingen. Necklace: Turmoil, 2007. Machteld van Joolingen
Necklace: Turmoil, 2007
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In this exhibition you will find jewellery made by 75 national and international jewellery designers. Using every imaginable technique and material they designed a piece of jewellery relative to faith and spirituality.
The exhibition Symbols of Faith is the result of a design contest which was held for the second time in December 2007. This international contest was part of the SIERAAD International Jewellery Design Fair.

Symbols of Faith fits in with the renewed interest in faith and spirituality, and shows how this can be disseminated using all kinds of materials and techniques. More than 330 jewellery designers from 31 countries took up the challenge of this theme. Five winners and seventy exhibitors were selected for this unusual exhibition by a technical jury.

Robean Visschers. Ring: Untitled, 2007. Gold. Robean, VisschersRing: 2007Gold. Robean Visschers
Ring: Untitled, 2007

Robean, Visschers
Ring: 2007

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