Symphony in Rhapsody by Felieke van der Leest

Exhibition  /  20 Mar 2021  -  15 May 2021
Published: 22.03.2021
Felieke van der Leest. Necklace: Singing Trompets, 2021. Textile, oxidized silver, magnets.. 28 x 28 x 7 cm. Photo by: Eddo Hartmann. Felieke van der Leest
Necklace: Singing Trompets, 2021
Textile, oxidized silver, magnets.
28 x 28 x 7 cm
Photo by: Eddo Hartmann
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Was it decided on the toss of a coin? For once Felieke van der Leest had to choose between making art jewellery or making music... Well, it is no question any longer - this year she celebrates her 25th year as a jewellery artist! -  but that doesn't mean that her love for music simply vanished. So it was only natural that at some point she had to deal with this side of her creative persona.