Table Art by Doris Bank

Exhibition  /  21 May 2021  -  03 Jul 2021
Published: 09.06.2021
Doris Bank. Set: Shade, 2015. Porcelain.. Small cup: Height 6 cm. Photo by: Klaus Sartorius. Doris Bank
Set: Shade, 2015
Small cup: Height 6 cm
Photo by: Klaus Sartorius
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The ceramic works by Doris Bank, who passed away in 2019, are perfectly shaped objects of table culture, all of which have been created with infinite dedication, patience, and passion in perfect craftsmanship. There are various small series, simple, factual, puristic, yet lively and diverse with an elegant and at the same time archaic charisma - constantly further developed, never resting, full of creativity, in absolutely great craftsmanship, but ahead of your time, and they touch.