Te Ao Hurihuri: Ever Changing World

Exhibition  /  23 Oct 2018  -  27 Oct 2018
Published: 26.09.2018
Sharon Fitness. Video Installation: Finding Jewelleryness, 2018. Plastic, Found Object, Textile. 4:24 video loop. Photo by: Sharon Fitness. View the full video: Sharon Fitness
Video Installation: Finding Jewelleryness, 2018
Plastic, Found Object, Textile
4:24 video loop
Photo by: Sharon Fitness

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250 years on from James Cook’s historic voyage from England to New Zealand, two cutting edge jewellery collectives embark upon their own journeys Handshake Project (NZ) and Dialogue Collective (UK) navigate around the impact of colonialism to create a bejewelled voyage like no other. ..