Ted Noten: Wanna swap your ring? Stockholm. 500 Miss Piggy rings presented in the shape of a gun?

Exhibition  /  09 Apr 2011
Published: 06.04.2011
Sofia, BjörkmanBrooches: Blackened Brilliance, 2010-2011Plastic, silver.

Sofia, Björkman
Brooches: Blackened Brilliance, 2010-2011
Plastic, silver

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The shape of a gun on the wall, known as an icon of Ted Noten’s work, will gradually change into a jewel jungle as a result of the stories told by the rings that are left behind. Jewellery reflects the soul of a city! Atelier Ted Noten is going to present the same concept in different cities all over the world, like: Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, New York, Sao Paulo. What does Noten do with the rings you left behind? “I surley find a way to deal with that!”